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EntrantDRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company DANCE NOT ACT Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The initial goal is to raise public awareness of the refugees and gather more amount of charities by 150% than last year’s one.

The Brief

Japan's approval of refugee status is extremely low at 0.2% (Western countries average 30% to 50%) Most refugees who escape from their country to Japan are not given official status in society for many years. This blocks their access to jobs and medical care, causing undue hardship. Japanese sensibilities that prefer order and exclude outliers are said to be behind this extremely low level of approval.

How the final design was conceived

We focused on the fact that refugees are not granted official status, which means that they have no real usable ID. We used fingerprints, which are unique IDs for people, as motifs for posters to increase awareness of refugees plight. These posters featured refugees’ fingerprints being "erased" by Japanese patterns symbolizing the Japanese love of uniformity. Several versions of these posters were made and displayed in a gallery in Tokyo for the World Refugee Day. Visitors could also view interviews with the fingerprints owner by pointing a mobile device at the poster. This also tied into a donation page, enabling an immediate way to help support refugees. We greatly improved awareness of refugees in Japan with many people gaining understanding and sympathy for their hardships.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We drew the audience by releasing the information to invite the event on the world Refugees’ Day on the website and SNS. · 450% increased awareness of refugees · 7260 tweets about refugees · 830% increase in donations from the past year


Name Company Position
Takahisa Hashimoto Takahisa Hashimoto Studio Creative Director
Kazuya Nakajima Drill Creative Director
Kazuya Nakajima Drill Planner
Keisaku Ibuki Drill Planner
Takahisa Hashimoto Takahisa Hashimoto Studio Art Director
Tomoki Yomogita Drill Copywriter
Takanori Kimura TAKI Designer
Tetsuya Utsumi TAKI Designer
Yumi Fukuyoshi TAKI Designer
Ryusei Sakiyama TAKI Designer
Yusuke Koike Image Source Interactive Director
Yasuyuki Hori Dance Not Act Producer
Nobuaki Hongo Freelance Director
Koichi Kawanishi Freelance Cameraman
Shotaro Tsurumaru Freelance Music
Yuta Sato Dance Not Act Production Manager
Yuta Yoshitake Dance Not Act Production Manager