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Advertising Agency 2 SOFTBANK ROBOTICS CORP. Tokyo, JAPAN
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Brief Explanation

Telecommunications company Softbank has designed a cutting-edge communication tool: a communication partner. Rather than a replacement for labor, Pepper is a robot that gives people happiness and joy through daily life. Realizing this vision required designing hardware, software, and a personality.

The Brief

Different from robots before him, Pepper is not a replacement for labor, but rather a robot that gives birth to joy through daily life with people. Before Pepper, there was no market for communication robots, so it was necessary to make a design that would build a new market.

How the final design was conceived

Personality Design To realize a "Robot that lives with humans", we designed Pepper's personality. Our creative team took a central role in designing Pepper’s personality. To determine the optimal personality, we studied over 500 characters and celebrities, aiming to create one that would be unpredictable yet loved by all. By equipping it with the ability to recognize emotions and Cloud AI to enable accelerated learning and growth, we also aimed to create a robot capable of adaptive communication with different people. Hardware Design His eyes and face were purposefully designed to make people think, "cute" when their eyes meet. Flashing LED lights express blinking and emotion. We were particular in making the hands with five fingers to achieve more natural communication with people.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It sold out in just one minute upon its release to the general public, At SoftBank shops, customer visits increased by 150%. He is now a regular on 2 TV programs and one radio station, even appears in other companies' television commercials. Pepper also received offers to work as a receptionist, sales agent, educator, medical assistant, and the like from over 1,000 companies. Through the robot Pepper, we have advanced society where people and robots can live together. Technology only makes sense when it makes people happy. Pepper has taught us that.


Name Company Position
Tatsuro Kurisaka Softbank Corp. Chairman
Daisuke Uchiike Softbank Corp. Chairman
Kayoko Miyazono Softbank Corp. Chairman
Fumihide Tomizawa Softbank Robotics Corp. Chairman
Kazutaka Hasumi Softbank Robotics Corp. Chairman
Kenichi Yoshida Softbank Robotics Corp. Chairman
Kaname Hayashi Softbank Robotics Corp. Chairman
Hiroshi Sasaki Shingata Inc. Executive Creative Director
Takashi Sakuma DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Tomoyuki Torisu DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Yutaka Takiguchi DENTSU INC. Agency Producer
Kenichi Nagai 1-10design,Inc. Creative Technologist
Yukihiro Sasae 1-10design,Inc. Creative Technologist
Masato Sato GEEK PICTURES INC. Producer