Short List
Product / ServiceEXOBIOTANICA
CategoryC04. Photography
EntrantSIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company HAKUHODO PRODUCT'S Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Azuma aspires to "challenge existence" and "capture the moment of life" through his works. Our goal was to pioneer the utlimate moment of life in the most severe environment for existence.

The Brief

The Japanese traditional form of flower arrangement known as "Ikebana" is an expression of beauty using only living plants to celebrate the whole of nature. While having a beautiful heritage of 600 years, the once most revered tradition had lost its luster in time had become an outdated culture enjoyed by only a few. We set out on a challenge to breathe new life into this traditional form and take it to the next level.

How the final design was conceived

A 50 year-old BONSAI tree and a bouquet of 30 different forms of life were launched 30,000m high into the space on a specialized vessel. EXOBIOTANICA (exobiota / botanical) has been taking a flight to outer space away from life on earth to breathe new life into a traditional art form. Super high resolution cameras equipped on the vessel captured an image every second, creating 12,000 art pieces of the flight. Such pieces were released on the web site, which could be purchased online.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Through capturing the ultimate moment of life, the beauty of plants thriving for life in the most severe environment, we brought eternity to life. It was our honor to present this work to the world as a shareable content as it soon captured the attention of prestigious journals such as "Nature" and "The New York Times."