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Advertising Agency YOMIKO ADVERTISING Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

For YOMIKO, the calendar means not only the gift for our clients, partner companies, and employees, but also means CSR. How we contribute to the society through the calendar is our concern. This year we set the theme of the calendar “what ifs” in facing the disasters like earth quakes or tsunami or typhoons. As worldly known, Japan have suffered from many disasters in this decades but not so many people have enough knowledge nor even concern about them. To make the people more conscious and confident for the disasters in the daily life is our goal.

The Brief

YOMIKO is one of the leading advertising agencies in Japan, that have variety of the clients from cars, foods, real estates and so on. The concept of YOMIKO is to improve the sales of clients and also the quality of life of the people through the creativity of communication.

How the final design was conceived

First we took time to think deeply the role and characteristics of calendar. Calendar is something people look every day and throw away once a month. Focusing on its characteristics, on the surface we ask "What do you do if big earthquake happened?" as a reminder. Then, we prepared the answer on the back. When people peel at the end of month it becomes a handbook by folding origami style. With easy-to-understand plain texts and nice illustrations, everyone can enjoy learning from children to the elders. We set timely themes, for example, heat exhaustion for July, snow & ice for January so that people can learn more effectively. Another point is, this 12 handbook can be stowed in the box that you can make by folding the cover page. Being useful, long lasting, almost zero emission, this calendar is truly user friendly. We think this is a reflection of our attitude as an agency. To make the texts reliable, we asked non-profit organization Japan Bousaisi society to supervise them.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The calendar met with a favourable reception, and the request of the reprint has already come. Some clients liked our idea, “A calendar can be 12 books” so much that they also ask us to make their own calendars, that means the calendar have made our business chance wider. Winning Adfest, attract attention, shows our creativity, and consciousness of the contribution to society. However, most important thing is that we took a certain step to improve the conscious of the people to the disasters. To give the people who live in Japan, where lots of disasters occur so often, 365 days of peace of mind is our pride.


Name Company Position
Takayuki Oda YOMIKO Advertising Inc. Creative Director
Yusuke Nonaka YOMIKO Advertising Inc. Art Director
Kaori Wada YOMIKO Advertising Inc. Copywriter
Taiki Ishida YOMIKO Advertising Inc. Copywriter
Jun Domen YOMIKO Advertising Inc. Designer
Shinobu Hata TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. producer
Osamu Mizukami TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. director
Shota Kusayanagi TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. production manager