Product / ServiceHOTEL JAPAN
CategoryB04. Publications & Brand collateral
EntrantMORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The brief was to design a catalog showing exclusive and selected souvenirs, mostly made in small quantities by Japanese craftsman and artists.

The Brief

Hotel Japan is a small gift shop to provide the curated souvenirs for creative travelers.

How the final design was conceived

Hotel Japan employs simple design system for its print communication. All of the materials, such as shop card, brochure and ribbon, are printed at the back of designed wrapping papers. Following this system, the latest catalog was designed utilizing the back of the wrapping papers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The product images were shot in a highly creative style and printed at the back of the wrapping papers. The catalog cannot be seen without cutting out the pages and this reinforce the rarity of the product curated at Hotel Japan, which ultimately enriches the value of the shop — a 'special gift shop'.


Name Company Position
Morihiro Harano Mori Inc. Creative Director/Curator
Mitsubai Tokyo Mitsubai Tokyo Co Curator
Yoshihiro Yagi Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Haruko Tsutsui Dentsu Inc. Copy Writer
Scott Lehman Lehman Advertising Inc. Copy Writer
Taiji Kimura Pen. Inc. Designer
Daisuke Hatakeyama Creative Power Unit Designer
Hirono Matsunaga Dentsu Inc. Designer
Shinya Tamura Dentsu Ondemand Graphic Inc. Printing Director
Takaya Sakano Photographer
Yuta Harasawa TYO PRODUCTIONS1 Production Manager