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Product / ServicePOLA APEX
CategoryB01. Posters
EntrantMORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 LIGHT PUBLICITY Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The brief was to promote and introduce a new category in skin-care, the 'custom-made' series. Based on the POLA's unique skin analysis, the product is customized to fit every user's skin condition.

The Brief

This campaign launched the new skin-care product POLA APEX, a science-based skin care system that is customized to each user's skin condition. Our brief was to promote and introduce this new 'customizing' category. POLA has been considered as slightly 'old' brand. Therefore, with the launch of a new product, they needed an original and fresh creative to attract younger generation for this campaign.

How the final design was conceived

The use of beautiful models dominates the cosmetics advertisements, and yet, our creative choice was to show the 'unbeautiful faces' and use it as the key visual for the campaign. The shape of the faces were formed based on the real cobweb chart used to analyze user's skin condition at POLA.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The bold graphic attracted our target, young consumers, and rediscovered POLA as their generation's brand. In the 3 months after the campaign, the sales increased 170% from the previous year and 270 thousand people received the skin-check service at the store.


Name Company Position
Morihiro Harano Mori Creative Director 
Tetsuya Yamane Light Publicity Copywriter
Nanase Suzuki Light Publicity Art Director
Koichiro Doi Photographer
Motoko Shimizu Mori Project Manager
Miho Aoba Light Publicity Account Planner
Ayumi Yasuda Light Publicity Account Executive
Kotaro Sugiyama Light Publicity Executive Creative Director