Product / ServiceCORNETTO
EntrantPHD Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency 2 PHD Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company PHD Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency PHD Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Benny Xu Unilever China Brand Building Director
Liang Gao Unilever China Brand Building Manager
David Porter Unilever China North Asia Media Director
Echo Tao Unilever China Media Manager
Grace Zhao PHD Planning Manager
Leah Wu PHD CHINA Planning Exec
Nishtha Mehta PHD Mobile Capability
Kel Hook PHD Head Of Strategy

The Campaign

Young Love is complicated for the 90’s single child generation. Academic, family, societal pressures all conspire to deny teens the opportunity to explore young love. Because of this they often stumble when it comes to expressing love. This is the age when love is in the air and celebrities, video dramas and their social apps on their Mobile are their key source of inspiration and expression. The struggles of young love combined with our audience’s embrace of mobile presented fresh opportunities for Cornetto to build on its 'Dive Into Love' online content platform. Increasing the brands engagement with teens building on its market leadership in China. Using mobile to not just extend the reach of the 2014 campaign but also engage teens using mobile branded assets that inspired them to express their love through mobile social channels.

Success of the Campaign

The online films generated over 250 million video views across online, mobile and social channels. Cornetto’s own “Last 8 second” Weishi videos inspired our audience to over 70,000 consumer generate love proclamations being viewed over 9 million times on Cornetto’s Weishi page. Additional branded assets, including watermarks, music, heart designs to add to their 8 second films and share in their social feeds. With over 6.5 million branded assets downloaded, Cornetto extended its reach to 10s of millions of teens through earned / shared content. The end result of all of this love? Sales up +5% vs 2013 same period (summer) Unaided Awareness increased + 10%, and big shifts in key brand attributes: Delicious from first bite to last bite + 20%, Brand that appeals to teenagers +5%, Brand that helps me express love +10%

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Cornetto created three 3 online films starring top Chinese celebrities, Kai Ko, Bolin Chen, Ariel Lin in the story of a modern day love triangle inspired by the idea of “If you had only 8 seconds left before the end of the world, how would you express your love?” The campaign was designed to inspire Chinese teens to be brave and express their love on May 20th, China’s Love Day. The films integrated with the Vine of China - Tencent's Weishi 8 second video app functionality that allows users to create and share 8 second videos with friends. Weishi innovation is first of it's kind with a brand in China. With shorter attention spans on their Mobile devices, the 8 second video app was a perfect fit. Cornetto creating 26 Weishi video invitations from the films cast encouraging teens to videos create their own 8 second expression of love.