Entrant Company CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Bridget Taylor Contagion Executive Creative Director
Dean Taylor Contagion Managing Director
Richard Thompson Contagion Channel Director
Tom Bates Contagion Social Influence Director
Verity Dookia Contagion Creative Director
Dan Walton Contagion Art Director
Seth Josephs Contagion Copywriter
Nicole Sykes Contagion Art Director
Anne Boothroyd Contagion Copywriter
Will Handley Contagion Designer
Matt Kardos Contagion Technology Director
Sarah Mcgregor Contagion Client Partner
Aoife Murphy Contagion Client Partner
Kristin Rodger Contagion Agency Producer

The Campaign

Telecom wanted to be the most talked about sponsor at Remix Magazine’s Winter Party. To be the most talked about sponsor, the A listers could control the party using their very influential social media with #makethenight. The more they shared, the better the party got. The party’s surprises were held within an ice art installation. Every tweet, instagram and facebook share turned on the heat lamps. The ice melting controlled when music kicked off, the drinks were served and they made it snow. Partygoers also controlled whose PR-shot would be in Remix's social pages. Snaps from the red carpet were projected at the party. The more shares the photo got, the bigger it became on the spread.The final spread featured in the next issue of Remix. Which was actually our print ad. Turning a party for 200 people, into a campaign the whole nation heard about.

Success of the Campaign

#makethenight trended #1 in New Zealand on the night. We created an event that was so good these A listers couldn't wait to share. Thousands of photos, shares and likes were spread throughout the nation. 70% of the audience voted to get their photo in the final spread in the next issue of Remix and Telecom had a relevant print ad that the audience couldn't wait to see. Positive sentiment throughout all social networks increased substantially after the campaign. It was finally cool to be seen with Telecom again.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

This campaign turned a small sponsorship that was to reach only 200 people, into a PR event, ambient art installations, social media and a print campaign that reached the nation. We sent email invites out to the event, introducing #makethenight and teased that the night would be full of surprises they could control. At the event, the ice art installation explained how every hashtag would turn the heat lamps on, and that when the ice melted surprises would be unveiled. The hashtag then created a conversation that everyone at home could see. The photo spread was also projected within the party. To ensure their photo made the social pages, they had to share within Facebook. Each time they shared, a Telecom branded post would go out to all their fans. The projection was then transformed into our print ad in the next issue of Remix.