Product / ServiceCLEAR/SHAMPOO
Entrant Company ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Katsuya Fujimoto ADK Plannnin Director
Junpei Yoshida ADK Planner
Osamu Enari Drill Director
Kazuhiro Saito Editor/In/Chief
Yasushi Fujimoto CAP Art Director
Hidetoshi Abe ADK Casting
Yutaka Nakashima ADK Casting
Aya Okano ADK Ae
Ryo Hirayama ADK Ae
Momo Fukuda ADK Ae

The Campaign

CLEAR, a major hair care brand sold in more than 47 countries, was launched in Japan in spring of 2014. For the launch, we proposed a conscious migration from the prevailing image of “kawaii” (cuteness) to the new concept of “STRONG is Beautiful”. Our big idea was to harness the power of magazines, which function as beauty textbooks for Japanese women; we came up with the idea of launching CLEAR Magazine, a title that embodied the “STRONG is Beautiful” brand concept. CLEAR Magazine anchored a campaign that integrated transit ads, digital initiatives and live events.

Success of the Campaign

The magazine contributed to maximizing the impact of the launch. In order to make this branded magazine as effective as possible, we succeeded in appointing the former chief editor of VOGUE and GQ, a professional editor who introduced many new values to Japan. We achieved awareness at 8,000 convenience stores and 2,000 bookstores where hair care products normally have no exposure. Using CLEAR Magazine as a piece in negotiations with convenience stores, we were able to stock shampoos and conditioners at convenience store outlets.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

TVCs, CLEAR Magazine, digital banner, sampling (samples attached to magazines and newspapers), transit ads, events