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Name Company Position
Vinish Mathews Mindshare Partner
Aditi Patkar Mindshare Director
Ipshita Dasgupta Mindshare Account Manager

The Campaign

Early 2014 was a period of reckoning for India, the 1.2 billion electorate had to choose a government in the most debated Election yet. Against this backdrop, Unilever’s marquee shampoo, Dove had to arrest a decline in sales across India’s two largest cities – Mumbai and Delhi. Women like to try out different hairdos by coloring, dying and curling. However, the subsequent hair-damage was a huge tension point. Dove’s ambition was to own the platform of hair damage repair. We decided to entice women to GoPlay with their hair and reassure them - Dove was there to take care of any Damage. Given the market task and tension point, we knew a typical multi-media spray-and-pray campaign would not work as they are constantly drowned out in noise. So we worked with Mumbai and Delhi’s two largest daily newspapers, 6 radio-stations & Twitter to create personalized communication for women residing there.

Success of the Campaign

For 10 days, we made one in every three women in these cities, while 90% of the print readership were exposed to the campaign, briefly moving their eye from the election! We did this at 25% lower cost per reach. 94000 women secured Dove Hair-Spa experiences over 10 days. Dove’s sales grew by 5% Spontaneous awareness scores jumped 900 bases points Mind measure “repairs hair damage” shot from 38 to 60 Social-Media engagement skyrocketed with Dove’s Twitter followers doubling and Facebook community seeing an addition of 380,000 followers. Now, The two leading newspapers have a new ad inventory to sell!

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Our research suggested that 10 female names stood out as most popular in Delhi & Mumbai We innovated the newspapers’ mastheads, and created a personalized call-out to each of the 10 names identified; over 10 consecutive days. On 21st Apr, Neha(s) across Mumbai and Delhi woke up to their daily newspaper, saw the masthead calling out their name. The Times of India masthead transformed into “Nehas of India”; while Hindustan Times’ became “Hindustan calls all Nehas” by cleverly positioning of a half flap on the front page Over the next 9 consecutive days, an innovative format - a 2-inch extension jutting out of an inside page announced a new name everyday was created in both newspapers Radio Jockeys who shared their name with the Dove name of the day encouraged participation via personal call-out and special show integrations Buzz was created on twitter by constantly sharing interesting factoids & contests