Product / ServiceHYUNDAI CARD
Entrant Company TBWA\KOREA Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Advertising Agency TBWA\KOREA Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production Company CAMPAIGN Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Sang Ho Kim TBWA KOREA Executive Creative Director
Yu Mi Sul TBWA KOREA Account Director
Jae Hyeok Jang Campaign Director
Dae Youn Lee TBWA KOREA Agency Producer
Si Eun Lee TBWA KOREA Copywriter
Yeon Hoo Lee TBWA KOREA Account Manager
Jong Hwee Lim TBWA KOREA Art Director
Hyuck Jin Jung TBWA KOREA Art Director
Su Hyung Kim TBWA KOREA Account Executive
Chang Ho Uhm TBWA KOREA Copywriter
Jeong Yeon Hyun TBWA KOREA Art Director
Yoon Jin Choi TBWA KOREA Account Executive
Kwang Sung Oh Campaign Film Producer
Peejay Dr. HOOK Music Composer

The Campaign

Hyundai Card, a Korean credit card company, wanted to encourage young Korean people striving for success to live their own life, using its corporate philosophy, ‘make break make’. ‘make break make’ means breaking the existing rules by taking new challenges. Through such, Hyundai Card wanted to break the status quo of credit card market focusing on 30s and 40s. Its goal was to establish a more intimate relationship with potential customers, the 20s. We created ‘contents’, not just another conventional ad that 20s can enjoy and spread. We made a rap song ‘make break make’ sung by ‘MC Yupgilosae’ the parrot.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign for 2 months was extremely successful with surprising results. _Official M/V views over 5 mil. (The most hits among the videos made by companies in Korea) _15,463,426 people visited MC Yupgilosae’s facebook and 38,235 fans liked it. _MC Yupgilosae ranked as no.1 search word in major portal sites. _Brand preference increased (39.8%  50%) _Purchase intention increased (44.1%  54.5%) Through this campaign, Hyundai Card could more widely spread their philosophy, ‘make break make’, but what was more important was that we were able to make young people think in a different way.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We made a rap song ‘make break make’ sung by ‘MC Yupgilosae’ and on-aired it on TV ad We also released it to music sites. Also, we released the official M/V on youtube. Young people spread the song and M/V themselves throughout SNS. The song started to climb Korean pop charts and got requested on radio shows. We opened MC Yupgilosae’s facebook page to communicate with 20s. Fans showed enthusiastic responses of real-time comments and parodies. Additional contents such as mobile messenger emoticons, karaoke song were created to spread the campaign more widely.