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Name Company Position
Mikael Christenson Mindshare Asia Pacific Regional Director

The Campaign

Across South East Asia Teens have long been enjoying Cornetto; however with new players successfully entering the category Cornetto had lost its “cool” and year-on-year sales were declining. The brand needed to regain the hearts and mouths of this important audience. Enter Cornetto RED - bringing to life Cornetto's new positioning 'Enjoy the Ride, Love the Ending'. Executed through 3 core ingredients; 1. Taylor Swift's superstar tour to excite them 2. Cornetto Ride to Fame, an online & on-Ground talent competition where teens were the stars and judges selecting the opening acts for her concerts 3. Launch of 3 limited Edition Cornetto’s alongside the brands biggest ever on pack promotion, where every Cornetto feature the RED tour and equaled a chance to win.

Success of the Campaign

By painting the town RED, Cornetto had regained its “cool”, reconnected with teens through their passion of music. More than 1,000 artist’s generated collective content and entries in the competition and over 340,000 votes. Cornetto was the talk of the town; with 400’000 new Facebook fans tripling the monthly unique reach leading to a 500% uplift in monthly engagements; with over 917 million campaign impressions to date and still counting. Cornetto had successfully differentiated itself. Declining sales had turned into growth; a staggering +26% in Indonesia and over 8% across South East Asia. With over 90M cones sold, the Taylor Swift limited edition variant drove 1/5th of total sales. Cornetto had won back the hearts (and mouths) of these consumers, regained its cool - and made a connection that would last well beyond the final song.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign kicked off with a personal message from Taylor launching her tour and inviting teens to get involved. We drove submissions online with selected acts invited to play live across our Cornetto Ride To Fame stages. Using online, geo-targeted mobile and locally established artists as guest judges as social amplifiers we successfully drove footfall to the events. Teens came along to enjoy the music and sampled the new Cornetto’s with their friends. They spread the word by engaging; checking in, voting, supporting their favorite artists and redeem the unique codes from their Cornetto’s to instantly win Taylor swift prizes. The winning acts all had the night of their lives as they played on Taylor Swift’s stage, before her and her fans at her region-wide sellout Red tour. Thanks to Cornetto, all teens from aspiring acts to avid music lovers enjoyed the Ride and Loved the Ending.