EntrantUM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency 2 UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Tom Dodd UM Australia Associate Strategy Director
Stefan Burford UM Australia Chief Strategy Officer
Greg Kearney UM Australia Associate Communications Director
Mike Gunadi UM Australia Communications Manager
Alex Schafer UM Australia Implementation Planner
Victoria Hardy ING DIRECT Marketing Manager
Nathalie Swainston ING DIRECT Manager/Social And Digital Marketing
Caroline Thomas ING DIRECT Pr Manager
Justin Rickets Ensemble Ceo
Tim Hodgson Ensemble Managing Director
Gemma Nimaoltuile Ensemble Account Manager
Mitch Loadsman Ensemble Account Manager
Rainer Knobloch Soap Senior Account Director
Sam Jones Droga5 Business Director
Robbie Aoukar Reprise Associate Director
Richard Conway Reprise Account Executive

The Campaign

Our challenge was to make ING DIRECT the most loved bank in Australia by showing that it is a brand that can help Australians ‘spend their life well’ not just grow their bank balance. But how can we help people spend their life well when they can’t even spend their lunch well? Our research identified the lunch break as the most critical pain point in people’s quest to spend their life well; with 1/3 claiming to regularly work through their lunch break. (Source: Jupiter Research) The consumer insight: Aussies are struggling to even start spending their life well because of the disappearing lunch break. Our opportunity: Break down the brand claim into manageable chunks and actually start helping people spend their life well starting one lunch break at a time. Our idea: Spend Your Lunch Well A social movement designed to inspire all Australians to reclaim their lunch break.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign was a runaway success. Almost 20% of all city workers in Sydney and Melbourne attended an event. 620,000 Australians were inspired by the bite-size content. In all, 12 million people (52% of Australians) were exposed to the campaign. The events generated $1.4m+ in PR value alone. In terms of brand love, the all-important NPS scores jumped an impressive 45%, with consideration scores up 11% - an all-time high for the brand.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The strategy was to create a series of rewarding lunchtime experiences across the major Australian cities supported through an engaging content series that inspired people to try something new whatever their interests. Before the launch, we got people talking about issue of the disappearing lunch break through a major PR release that drove people to an online hub where they could register for a range of lunchtime activities. We called upon the world’s most famous magician, Dynamo, to fly to Australia for the first time ever to highlight the plight of the disappearing lunch break and demonstrate to millions how ING DIRECT is bringing the ‘magic’ back to the Australian lunch hour. What followed was a series of 14 activations and content pieces using talent (including rock climbing, self defence, art classes as well as sushi making), which we knew would inspire people out of their office chairs.