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Media Agency 2 MINDSHARE Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Media Agency MINDSHARE Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Jenkin Ho Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Marketing Communications Director
Rachel Chan Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Marketing
Alan Lee Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Associate Manager/Marketing
Jonas Fung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Marketing Communications
Sandy Cheung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Sr. Marketing Executive/Marketing Communications
Anthony Chow Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Creative Services Manager
Mandy Lam Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Partner/Client Leadership
Josephine Chan Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Senior Director/Client Leadership
Cheryl Sin Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Director/The Exchange
Bing Chan Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Senior Associate/The Exchange
Sammy Li Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Executive/Invention/Digital
Fiana Man Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Senior Associate/Channel Planning

The Campaign

Hong Kong Disneyland, the happiest place on earth by nature, contradicts with the dark & haunting period of Halloween where our key competitor is well known as the scariest place for celebration. The core challenge is the absence of new haunted house, which is critical during this period. Furthermore, success from Halloween 2012 had results which are impossible to break. For 2013, our objective is to break all the best records. In terms of target, we aim to build the incremental target, young adults, who are the most active Halloween celebrators. Halloween celebration is all about scare. Screaming is the one thing that people are sure to do when they scare. So what if we dare young adults not to scream? We find that young adults love challenges and break the rules. They long for active participation. That’s why we landed on a big idea – “Scream No More” Challenge.

Success of the Campaign

This campaign has successfully extended a 6 hours in-park experience into 4 weeks long out-of-park celebration campaign through the online content marketing strategy. Also the Park achieved the 7-year best of record best results for all the key KPIs. Local attendance gained a double digit growth. Total revenue and all other KPIs hit record best for Disney’s Haunted Halloween since its inception, beating the previous record best 2012 Halloween performance. The 32 viral videos generated 5.2 million viral video views with 4 million earned views. Our social conversation also reached 1.7M of Facebook users, that’s like 40% of all Hong Kong Facebook users!

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

First, we took “Scream No More” Challenge icon as core creative thread and bring the idea to live online and offline with a practice booklet to engage target prior to Park visit. The booklet featured a series of fun ways to practise “scream control” in daily life. It served as the main backbone and inspiration for the online non-branded content videos. Second, we developed a series of 32 non-branded content-driven viral videos, showing different ways to practise screaming control based on the booklet, to bait our target into the Challenge by engaging popular KOLs. Ripple effect was generated through seeding KOL influences and hype up the fun through their screaming control before stepping into the Park. Lastly, multi-dimensional communication was chosen to build curiosity and rapid awareness. Traditional TV, print and cinema warning video were created to communicate “Scream No More” Challenge and the simple rule of “You Cannot Scream”.