Product / ServiceSUNLIGHT
Advertising Agency LOWE LDB Colombo, SRI LANKA
Media Agency GROUP M ESP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Colombo, SRI LANKA


Name Position
Bakmee Perera
Vindi Shashikala
Lasantha Mallawarachchi
Asantha Kalyananda
Kamal Deshapriya
Asanka Alahakoon
Nuwan Gammappila
Shavinda Senanayaka
Asoka Rajapakse
Charith Sankalpa
Prasad Manoj
Harshana Priyankara

The Campaign

Sunlight Soap, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most beloved brands, sought to re-connect to the hearts and minds of the nation’s people to maintain brand loyalty amongst loyal users. Our challenge was to create a ‘Nation Building’ event to bring the people of Sri Lanka together and reunite them. Based on a local insight of ‘enlightenment’ the idea of Sunlight’s Festival of Light was born – launched on Vesak Day, the nation’s most important Buddhist holiday, celebrated across all regions of the country. The strategy connected nation building with the enlightening spirit of the Vesak Festival and Sunlight’s brand values.

Success of the Campaign

Sunlight’s Festival of Light connected with over 4 million Sri Lankan people, over 20% of the population, and increased market share by a full percentage point after only a month. 70% Reach across all 6 Mass Channels. 20,000,000+ web impressions across key social media platforms. Celebrating with the people of Sri Lanka on one of their most important days, and working to illuminate the nation as one, really resonated with the nation and remained true to the Sunlight Brand. The campaign spread the message of peace, harmony and Sunlight, and provided a truly emotional and lasting connection to the brand.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Sunlight partnered with the 12 most sacred Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka, illuminating them with more than 100,000 lamps. Sunlight canopies, Pahanas and lanterns adorned ground, waters and sky - illuminating the nation as one. TV/Radio supported by unprecedented digital and national news bulletin integrations, spread live updates nationally. TV networks further supported by granting permission to integrate Sunlight brand elements and music into 5-second network IDs, running over 10 times per day – support that had previously only been afforded to the National government. Even morning radio prayer chants, where no advertising is permitted, featured a signature Sunlight jingle. The creative executions were designed to capture the nation as a whole, being true to its objective of being a “Nation Building” campaign. In this unprecedented approach Sunlight Festival of Light connected the nation through the integration of on-ground activations, TV content and branded properties, Channel Partnerships, Radio and OOH.