Product / ServiceUNILEVER
Advertising Agency OGILVY & MATHER VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Entrant Company MINDSHARE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Peeyush Shekhar Mindshare Vietnam Director Emerging Class Consumer
Roopa Dhawan Mindshare Vietnam Market Leader
Pravin Shetty Mindshare Vietnam Director Client Leadership
Alex Clegg Ogilvy/Mather Vietnam) Ltd Group Chairman
Tuananh Vu T/A Ogilvy Head/Activation/Event Management

The Campaign

Unilever’s brands are well established in urban Vietnam - rural Vietnam however, is a different story. The challenge was to help Unilever’s brands connect to these rural communities, when many didn’t even know how to use products like soap and toothpaste – with complexity and scale of investment required to succeed seen as prohibitive. The strategy? To create experiences that would capture hearts and minds, building conversations within each community. With this in mind, Unilever’s Home Circus came to life, launching the first multi- brand rural engagement to focus on market development, education and behavioral change; arresting Unilever’s decline in key brand attributes.

Success of the Campaign

After visiting wet markets, community centers, and delivering four to five shows daily for a month the results were unprecedented. Brand awareness and purchase intent reported an impressive 90% increase in confidence levels, with a 90% Likeability rating. Attendees spent an average of 40mins engaging with each show, with over 80% of attendees recalled the brand messages afterwards. Unilever’s Home Circus connected with over 26,800 people in rural areas - creating a lasting customer base that will share products and pass on the knowledge and experience to their families, neighbors, and community. Giving everyone reason to truly love the circus.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Rural communities are more open to marketing that touches them directly, such as personal experience or live demonstrations of the brand in action. The ideas were developed to distinctly highlight not only the product use, but also the brand attributes in a truly educational and entertaining manner. 4 Delivery trucks were converted into traveling stages - capable of delivering multiple shows per day. Each show had five acts – each representing a different Unilever brand. For Surf, we created a comedy with half-wife/half-husband debating whether better - to save money or smell great. Surf, of course, does both. For Hazeline, a song and dance performance based on local folklore integrated and encouraged softer/smoother skin. Lifebouy used rap to educate about germs; whilst an experiential audience participation event promoted soft, silky hair for Sunsilk; Finally a shadow puppet show for PS toothpaste encouraged twice a day brushing to prevent tooth decay.