Product / ServiceKIMCHI FRIDGE
Entrant Company SK PLANET Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
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Name Company Position
Junyeon Won SK PLANET_MARK Creative Director
Sangsook Moon SK PLANET Account Supervisor
Joungrack Lee SK PLANET Chief Creative Officer
Ikmyung Jo SK PLANET Executive Producer
Donggyun Han SK PLANET_MARK Art Director
Jonggwan Kim SK PLANET_MARK Art Director
Sangjun Park SK PLANET_MARK Copywriter
Jinhyun Park SK PLANET Account Executive
Eunsoo Kwak SK PLANET Account Executive
Yeaseul Kim SK PLANET Account Executive
Wonseok Jo
Bokyung Kim SK PLANET_MARK Copywriter
Hongki Kim SK PLANET Account Executive

The Campaign

Koreans’ favorite fermented food of all is Kimchi. Since it is highly loved by Koreans, almost every household in Korea has a Kimchi refrigerator, which is specifically designed to meet storage requirements for Kimchi. However, there were no known standards of what determined the best taste of Kimchi. So when Korean housewives chose a Kimchi refrigerator, they simply chose the leading brand, Winia Mando, or the biggest name, Samsung. Our product, LG DIOS Kimchi Tok-Tok, produces the ideal amount of lactic acid bacteria needed to ferment kimchi perfectly. The process of multiplying lactic acid bacteria is what actually determines the taste of kimchi. We started the campaign that create an understanding of the fact so that this could be the new standard for the best tasting Kimchi. We firmly believed that this understanding would change Korean housewives’ indifferent behavior in choosing a Kimchi-fridge.

Success of the Campaign

Just 2 weeks after the campaign, more people than ever started to search LG DIOS Kimchi Tok-Tok online. The brand’s ranking in search engines has significantly gone up. Also, a top of mind awareness of the brand increased more than twice, from 9.1% to 20.6%. The index in the most preferred Kimchi-fridge brand has also increased from 16% to 21%. Most importantly, 210,000 more products were sold compared to last year, showing an 11% increase in sales. This is twice the number compared to the refrigerator market growth of 5.3%. We built LG DIOS Kimchi Tok-Tok’s unique asset, lactic acid bacteria. Unlike any other Kimchi-fridge brands, we took an unusual tack of showing the real sound of deliciously fermented Kimchi. We believe that the brand firmly built its leadership in the market and consumers’ minds.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We held a public experiment where hundreds of women were gathered to hear the popping sound that Kimchi makes. After this event, we released an online documentary film showing a more detailed version of an experiment Kimchi making the sound. Then the public experiment aired as TVC. And also to deliver the sound of Kimchi by print ad, we designed the folded page which made the sound when opened. Through these multiple medium advertisement, we want to deliver the fact that lactic acid bacteria is what actually determines the taste of kimchi and to increase Kimchi toktok’s presence in Kimchi-fridge market.