Product / ServicePROHEART SR-12
Entrant Company ORCHARD Surry Hills, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency ORCHARD Surry Hills, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Nitin Mistry Orchard Creative Director
Mikaela Crimmins Orchard Account Director
Rodney Chapman Orchard Art Director
Jessica Overs Orchard Designer
Elaine Benson Orchard Project Manager
Dave Nickson Orchard Animator

The Campaign

Diagnosed heartworm disease had all but vanished from the Veterinary community in Australia. Over the last 2 years more vets were beginning to question the need to continue using Heartworm preventatives, especially ProHeart SR-12. Also the lack of reported cases in local areas meant that vets, and to an extent pet owners, felt that Heartworm was no longer a real issue. In 2014, the ‘Heartworm Surveillance Project’ was developed to raise the ’legitimacy’ around the need for continued 12 month prevention. This would be achieved by raising awareness of the risk that exists in Heartworm reservoirs across the country- foxes, Wild Dogs/Cats/ dingoes, grey hounds and environmental conditions such as stagnant water, flood areas and areas prone to natural disasters.

Success of the Campaign

Since launch we have had 168 positive heartworm cases identified, an increase of 2100% from the previous year. • To date over 2700 vets have engaged in the project, that’s almost 32% of all vets in Australia. • Zoetis representatives have received wide spread support within their calls • 36% increase in vet-administered Heartworm prevention

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We launched with a compelling video delivered to vets via DM (video card) and e-Detailing. Leading them to a website that provided vets with the first on-line hub of resources relating to Heartworm in Australia including, videos with KOLs, latest studies, diagnostics and access to client education kits. In addition the website offered an interactive map of Australia highlighting heartworm cases reported at specific locations around Australia, localising the problem for Vets nationally. The website not only raised awareness of the prevalence of heart worm but it strengthened the vet community and invited them to help stem the problem by reporting positive cases in their area. Also reach was amplified via vet journal advertising and in clinic materials.