Product / ServicePOCKY CHOCOLATE
Entrant Company DENTSU KANSAI Osaka, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU KANSAI Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tomoaki Tsuji DENTSU INC.KANSAI Creative Director
Masaki Tanaka DENTSU INC.KANSAI Copywriter
Naoyuki Ogino DENTSU INC.KANSAI Copywriter
Hajime Fukai DENTSU INC.KANSAI Agency Producer
Yugo Sugie DENTSU INC.KANSAI Agency Producer
Hironori Kubo DENTSU TEC INC. Production Producer
Yusuke Mineno DENTSU TEC INC. Production Producer
Mitsuharu Tanida SPOON CO./LTD Movie Director

The Campaign

Pocky a chocolate snack has been one of Japan's enduring best-selling products.Yet for that very reason the product has developed an outdated image.In particular, sales among young people has declined. So,we focused on using Twitter,and in order to to get young people talking about Pocky, we launched a sensational promotion which is called "Pocky Rocket Project". Using cutting-edge technology, we made rockets look like Pocky and launched them at 11 o'clock on November 11th,aiming at an altitude of 1,111 meters.

Success of the Campaign

Over 94,000 people watched the live streamed video through the web and 3,710,044 tweets on November 11th, in a single day. It was recognized as the highest number of twitter comments of brand name within 24 hours. This news was covered by various media sources. As a result, sales 130% up comparing to the same period in the previous year and they were sold out from the storefront.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We made the special website that broadcast this event,people could set a virtual Pocky Rocket by themselves. They could launch their rocket on November 11th same as the real one. And they could win the coupon that can get Pocky. Until the launching day, 1,453,652 virtual rockets were set.This structure helped to become a popular topic of conversation.