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CategoryC05. Education & Services aimed at Non-Healthcare Professionals
Entrant Company TARGIS GROUP Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TARGIS GROUP Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Junnosuke Kitagawa TARGIS KK Chief Creative Officer
Ai Uchihara TARGIS KK Copywriter
Yusuke Shimada TARGIS KK Art Director
Tadafumi Kosaka TARGIS KK Planning Director
Masaya Hosogai TARGIS KK Account Superviser
Hidetomo Takahashi TARGIS KK Account Service
Itta Saeda OTTO Art Director
Isao Imabayashi RHYTHM Art Director
Masaru Nonoshita RHYTHM Art Director
Kinuyo Hiroi RHYTHM Designer

The Campaign

The number of atrial fibrillation patients is rising in Japan, but there is a tendency that many remain untreated, or quit treatment after starting. Despite the recent launch of novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (SPAF) that offer convenient alternatives to warfarin, warfarin remains the standard therapy, and the number of patients dropping out is still high. We therefore decided to launch an “SPAF awareness campaign” to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation among patients, encouraging them to have a positive attitude toward life and continuing treatment. Patients do not tend to take SPAF seriously and many believe a stroke won't happen to them. To bring it closer to home, in the campaign we used Japanese adventurer Yuichiro Miura, who overcame atrial fibrillation as he continued chasing his dream, as a model patient that could make a connection to the target audience. As a result, newspaper advertisements reached 85-90% of the target audience, and three months later Xarelto had achieved the top share among NOACs.

The Brief

-Target Male and female atrial fibrillation patients aged 65 years or above (undergoing treatment or untreated) and their families -Objectives To tap the population of untreated patients and encourage patients undergoing treatment to switch from warfarin -Campaign goals 1) To raise awareness of atrial fibrillation as a disease that can cause cerebral infarction 2) To change patients' mindsets regarding treatment so that they undergo treatment with a positive attitude

Creative Execution

We ran advertisements twice in two major national newspapers; in October 2013 (after restrictions on the long-term prescription of Xarelto were lifted) and again in March 2014 (when restrictions on the long-term prescription of competitors were lifted). At the same time, posters and booklets were distributed to hospitals nationwide. A “message card” was also distributed to patients to inspire them not to be daunted by atrial fibrillation, but to continue treatment with a positive attitude.

Newspaper advertisements reached 85%–90% of the target audience. The campaign not only helped to increase sales, but also raised Bayer's profile in the area of anticoagulants.

Adventurer Yuichiro Miura was used for our campaign. He overcame atrial fibrillation, and later succeeded in climbing Mount Everest in 2013, when he was 80 years old. This image, of a person who achieved his dream at the age of 80, was used to deliver the message that patients should undergo treatment with a positive attitude, living positively toward their own dreams. We used newspaper advertisements, in-hospital posters and booklets with a high reach to the target audience, in order to make a connection and to raise awareness.

English Translation of Main Headlines

I suffered from atrial fibrillation. However, there were still things I wanted to accomplish. Mr. Yuichiro Miura overcame artial fibrillation and succeeded to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 80. Adventurer: Yuichiro Miura (81 years old) Artrial fibrillation is a disease that can lead to ‘stroke’, however, the risk of ‘stroke’ can be reduced by taking medication. Recently, new therapies and drugs have been introduced. For more information, please ask your doctor. Bayer Healthcare