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Product / ServiceBLOOD DONATION
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness
Entrant Company McCANN HEALTH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency McCANN HEALTH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency 2 MRM//McCANN Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company SEMICOLON Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Sean Riley Mccann Health Executive Creative Director
Dante Abelarde MRM/Mccann Singapore Creative Director
Victor Soh MRM/Mccann Singapore Art Director
Dhillion Singh MRM/Mccann Singapore Copywriter
Nigel Heng MRM/Mccann Singapore Director Of Video
Brendon Chase MRM/Mccann Singapore Director Of Ux
Aaron Cher MRM/Mccann Singapore Director Project Management
Christy Goh MRM/Mccann Singapore Project Manager
Claire Tan Mccann Health Account Director

The Campaign

Challenge: Every year, Singapore Red Cross faces the repeated challenge of raising the blood supply to meet the ever growing demand for all the different blood types. Objectives: Increase new donor registration (by 1%) to meet the demand for specific blood types in a timely cost-effective way, and to raise youth participation for blood donation. Insight: Research revealed that youths are active on social media, are smartphone users, and participate in activities and interest groups that help establish their identities. The Red Cross also identified youths as the next generation of blood donors. Idea: Apart from the yearly awareness campaigns, the agency believed a longer-term solution was needed. A mobile app that worked as an always-on, cost-effective platform for the Red Cross to immediately reach out to users committed to help spread the word to find new donors on their personal social networks.

The Brief

Our goals were simple: increase the number of active blood donors by 1%, and increase the proportion of youth donors overall. Our target was Singapore's youth, 16-25 years old. A group technologically savvy, socially active and socially aware - the perfect target for a socially connected smartphone app designed to help them save lives. And by capturing them now - we predispose them to blood donation for the rest of their lives. Our remit is Singapore only, but with the success of the app here, we are hoping to release it across SouthEast Asia and eventually, globally.

Creative Execution

Riding on Red Cross' annual awareness campaign, users were invited to join the Red Cross Connection by downloading the app and connecting to Facebook. Once installed, the app lets Red Cross send blood alerts for specific blood types - virtual blood drives - to users who can then respond by finding a blood centre to donate or, sharing the alert to their friends online to search for more donors. The app keeps track of both your donations and your shares. At the blood bank, scanning a QR code credits the user with another donation and rewards them by posting to their facebook wall that they've just saved 3 lives. The app also allows merchant tie-ups to further reward active users for their participation.

Every year the Red Cross runs blood donation campaigns to raise needed blood supplies. Each campaign relied on audiences responding to traditional and outdoor standard media as well as regular donor participation. Launching with a 360 campaign incorporating print, outdoor, online, mobile, and on ground activation in schools, the final metrics/downloads have not been gathered yet as of time of this writing. Results from a total population of just under 5 million people in Singapore: -41,500 followers -20,042 new donors -18 alerts in first 3 months -121 360 blood donations As an innovation, the app proves to be a valuable long-term solution for crowd sourcing blood donations without requiring the large media budgets of traditional awareness campaigns. The app use, continued response to blood alerts and shares show donors actively responding to the app's push messaging whenever blood is needed.

Insight: Singaporean youth define themselves not only by what they own or what they do - but by their ability to connect, to share and to broadcast. Our Big Idea: We're all connected by blood. (Sharing your blood in person and on-line makes you shine.) Mobile elements: - The app is designed for apple and android smartphones and is a purely mobile piece. - Donating? The app will direct you via a live map to the nearest blood bank. - At the blood bank, scanning a QR code credits the user with another donation and rewards them by posting to their facebook wall that they've just saved 3 lives. - Singapore's youth use their mobile devices as their preferred access point to social media, so the notification that a friend is donating and there is a blood bank not far from you either, encourages more spontaneous 'drop-in' donations.


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