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Title10M² OF LOVE
Product / ServiceBREAST IS BEST
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness
Entrant Company Y&R BEIJING, CHINA
Advertising Agency Y&R BEIJING, CHINA
Production Company LPI Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Nils Andersson Y&R China Cco
Nils Andersson Y&R China Ecd
Ronnie Wu Y&R Beijing Cd
Chen Lei Y&R Beijing Cd
Donghai Liu Y&R Beijing Copywriter
Bruce Xie Y&R Beijing Art Director
Chen Mo Y&R Beijing Art Director
Jianjun Geng Y&R Beijing Art Director
Tian Wei Y&R Beijing Art Director
Chen Mo Y&R Beijing Designer
Tian Wei Y&R Beijing Designer
Gao Han Y&R Beijing Copywriter
Nils Anderson Y&R China Copywriter
Charles Sampson Y&R China Account Director
Meng Yang Director
Zhu Shanshan Y&R Beijing Agency Producer
Howie Ma Y&R Beijing Account Director

The Campaign

The objective is to build a breast feeding society in China, and increase the social awareness of breastfeeding among Chinese moms and moms to be. But many moms are mislead by the propaganda of formula milk powder manufactures. In order to convince them, the emotional engagement and the actual supports are both essential. With the influence of UNICEF, brought together the government, the business owners and other key stake holders, and via all the possible media and touch points such as web film, hospital posters, outdoor posters, PR events and even mobile app, this campaign created more than enough social awareness and public attention.

The Brief

Goal of this campaign is to create a breast feeding friendly society ultimately. We target new moms and mom-to-be. This campaign was launched across China.

Creative Execution

Firstly, an animation film was launched to emotionally engage the target audience and even the whole country. And then, UNICEF organized an official launch cerermony along with the celebrity endorsement event to kick off the campaign. Media channels including national TV- CCTV spread the message across China. Finaly, a seires of out door posters and prints educate were launched to educate moms in details.

Up to now, closed to 1000 breast feeding rooms in 70 citiess across China were established by different organizations and companies. The project is still on going.

Moms need rooms or spaces to pump the breast milk or feed the babies with dignity and privacy when they are out of home when they are at work or at shopping. So UNICEF gathered as many organizations and companies as possible into one pledge, to make them create breast feeding rooms within exisitng spaces to benefit those moms in need. The key PR elements are celebrity endorsement. And further more, all the organizations and companies will recieve an official certification from UNICEF. It can be a tool used by all the participants to demostrate how proactive they are in public well-being and social responsibility.