Product / ServiceBOTOX VISTA
CategoryC02. Pharma, Vaccines & Biotech aimed at Non-Healthcare Professionals
Entrant Company McCANN HEALTH JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency McCANN HEALTH JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Adam Weiss Mccann Health Japan Exective Creative Director
Aya Matsuzaki Mccann Health Japan Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Nahoko Kukita Mccann Health Japan Designer
Yuki Taga Mccann Health Japan Copywriter
Yukari Azuma Mccann Health Japan Agency Producer
Kotaro Miyagi Mccann Health Japan Engagement Planner
Tomohiro Chida Mccann Health Japan Senior Account Manager
Maiko Narita Mccann Health Japan Account Executive
Yuka Uchigasaki Mccann Health Japan Strategic Planner
Keiichi Kanemoto Nothshore Inc. Art Director
Akira Yamaguchi Nothshore Inc. Designer
Mayumi Ishikawa Nothshore Inc. Producer/Print Only)
Daisuke Tatsukawa Craft Worldwide Inc. Producer/Video Only)
Ayumi Onobu Craft Worldwide Inc. Production Manager/Video Only)
Tomohiko Tagawa Photographer
Chiemi Tobe Stylist
Yohei Haramoto Hair Makeup Artist
Taizo Hazama Gravy Inc. Director/Video Only)
Takuya Yokoyama Gravy Inc. Editor/Video Only)

English Translation of Main Headlines

<TL of Poster> Oh, she’s Hanyatteru*! That face like a Hanya mask, is caused by “Expression Wrinkles”. Please talk to our doctors, nurses or staff for more details. *Translator’s note: “Hanyatteru” is a new word coined for the campaign, which means “Hanya-ing” or making a Hanya face. The Hanya is a character of a woman enraged from Japanese “Noh” theater.