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Title8 LIVES
Product / ServiceORGAN DONATION
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness
EntrantY&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Entrant Company Y&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency Y&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Gigi Lee Y&R Executive Creative Director
Joshua Tay Y&R Creative Director
Su-Yin Chong Y&R Copywriter
Claira Chan Y&R Copywriter
Jonn Dogra Y&R Copywriter
Shireen Ang Y&R Art Director
Shireen Ang Y&R Designer
Shrny Chin Y&R Designer
Goh Siow Werm Y&R Designer
Evone Cheng Y&R Designer
Shireen Ang Y&R Illustrator
Shrny Chin Y&R Illustrator
How Wei Zhong Y&R Illustrator
Shireen Ang/How Wei Zhong/Wayne Low Y&R Typographer
Azman Majid/Amzar Anizam/Evone Cheng Y&R Typographer
Alyssa Teh/Joshua Tay/Su Yin Chong Y&R Typographer
Image Rom Photographer
T L Tan Y&R Art Buyer
Datin Dr. Fadhilah Zowyah Lela Yasmin Mansor National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC) Advertiser Supervisor
Pravind Subramaniam/Shiori Murayama Y&R Account Supervisor

The Campaign

During health fairs across the country, we gave away visually-arresting handouts that would stand out from other flyers, and stop people in their tracks. These handouts were meticulously designed to feature a cut-out of a human body and its organs. When closed, it looked like a cut-out of one person, but when opened, it reveals 8 other people. Each person had a story to tell about how their lives changed for the better when they received an organ transplant. At the end, it is revealed that these stories were possible because of a single organ donor who passed away. People who were inspired to create amazing stories for others could do so by scanning the code on the last page.

The Brief

We needed to increase awareness among the youths and young adults across Malaysia. More importantly, we needed to increase the number of organ donor pledges, especially during a series of health fairs across the country.

Creative Execution

We wanted to show people the goodness organ donation brings, by letting the fortunate people who received organ transplants tell their heart-warming, life-changing stories to our audience. We took these handwritten stories and featured them in a visually-arresting leaflet that was designed to stop people in their tracks and entice them to pick up a copy during health fairs across the country. The leaflet cover featured a cut-out of a human body and its organs, and when opened, it stretches and reveals 8 different cut-out persons and organs. Each of these cut-out was accompanied by a touching story from an organ transplant recipient. This reflected how one single donor can change the lives of 8 different people. A masthead was also created with the words “Life Goes On For 8”, where the number 8 was turned into an infinity symbol to signify the continuation of life.

At present, it is still too early to tabulate results, as the campaign is still ongoing with more handouts continually being given away. However, during its initial stage, the campaign managed to stand out and catch people’s attention, while its emotional stories tugged at their heartstrings. It got people talking, and left an impact that moved them to sign-up on the spot. The official website and information hotline also experienced an increase in enquiries.

The handouts were designed to be eye-catching to ensure that it would not only stand out amidst the dozens of other leaflets being given out at health fairs, but it would also ensure people would not discard of it so easily. Meanwhile, the content was designed to tug at people’s heartstrings and inspire them to sign up as organ donors. They could easily sign up by scanning the code on the last page.