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Product / ServiceNIKE CRICKET
CategoryA08. Sound Design
EntrantJWT INDIA Bangalore, INDIA
Entrant Company JWT INDIA Bangalore, INDIA
Advertising Agency JWT INDIA Bangalore, INDIA
Media Agency MINDSHARE Bangalore, INDIA
Production Company 1ST DECEMBER FILMS Bangalore, INDIA


Name Company Position
Senthil Kumar JWT National Creative Director
Senthil Kumar JWT Film Director
Dhruv Warrior JWT Copywriter
Shri Pendakur JWT Digital Manager
Anil Nair JWT Client Services Director
Atul Kattukaran 1st Dec Films Executive Producer
Anup J Kattukaran 1st Dec Films Director Of Photography
Priyank Premkumar Independant Editor
Dhruv Ghanekar Wah Wah Music Music Director
Taufiq Qureshi Wah Wah Music Vocal Percussionist
Joseph George Wah Wah Music Sound Design Arrangement

Brief Explanation

ONE ACTION IS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES : This cricket world cup film was composed from a crowd sourced image bank of 225001 frames of cricket crazy athletes. The final split second action is threaded together using 1440 images featuring one seamless action across a thousand playing fields. ONE ACTION IS WORTH A THOUSAND VOICES : Cricket Crazy chants, breaths, screams, appeals and sledges were recorded on mobile cameras across a multitude of live game locations and rendered into the soundtrack by legendary vocal percussionists and sound designers. ONE ACTION IS WORTH A MILLION MOBILE PHONES : Athletes and fans across the country were invited via Facebook, Twitter and to send in their action images in any playing position. Each image was prefixed with a key action frame posted online including the fast bowlers leap, the batsmans hook, the fielders dive and the keepers stump. And thousands of split second action images were uploaded online via mobile phone cameras, gopros, webcams and procams. ONE ACTION IS WORTH A THOUSAND PLAYGROUNDS : The same split second action sequence was also activated in playgrounds, streets, gullies and cricket pitches by 108 travelling photographers across many small towns in rural India.