Product / ServiceINSIGNIA
CategoryA10. Animation
Advertising Agency MCCANN Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM
Production Company AIRBAG PRODUCTIONS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Travis Hogg Airbag Productions Director
Nicholas Wright Airbag Productions Director
Victoria Conners Bell Airbag Productions Executive Producer
Tanya Stankovic Direct Producer
Adrian Oostergetel Canopy VFX Lead Vfx Supervisor
Kate Forrest Direct Animation
Dan Armstrong Direct Animation
Ken Stewart Direct Animation
Ben Weller Direct Animation
James Barnes Direct Animation
Octavio De Lellis Direct Animation
Adam Mcgowan Direct Animation
Luke Davies Direct Animation
Vince Mcsweeney Mccann Birmingham Executive Creative Director
Tim Jarvis Mccann Birmingham Copywriter
Barrie Robinson Mccann Birmingham Art Director

Brief Explanation

This epic commercial for Vauxhall, sees the team, create a myriad of metallic creatures, all born from the soul of the Vauxhall Insignia. With the exception of sound design and music composition by Rafael May, the spot was designed and created completely at Airbag and Canopy, over a fantastically frenetic five weeks.

Creative Execution

The team used a broad range of tools to create the commercial. Lifelike camera work is all important in full animation projects, and the director had access to a Virtual Camera System at the Canopy studio. This allows the director to engage with the 3D action as if it's in real the real world, giving the camera work a real life feel. The process to create such an animated piece relies on a very tight and well managed pipeline. Beginning with storyboards, concepts and 3D animatics, artists begin the process of building every element that resides in the world, piece by piece, and working to create something that looks truly real. Everything that is seen on the screen has to be created by hand. There isn't a single item or moment which hasn't been thought about or designed for a reason. The team consisted of concept and character artists, 3D modellers, animators, lighting and shader artists, physics and particle artists, a talented group of compositors and a very enthusiastic production and post production team.