Short List
Product / ServiceLIFE IS MUSIC
CategoryA10. Animation
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masashi Kawamura PARTY Film Director
Kota Iguchi TYMOTE Film Director
Qanta Shimizu PARTY Tech Director/Programmer
Sachie Aihara TAIYO KIKAKU Producer
Maiko Shimada Freelance Producer
Rintaro Kozasa Freelance Production Manager
Hiroki Ando Freelance Dop
Yuki Numao Freelance Filming Assistant
Kazuko Yonezawa Freelance Filming Assistant
Makoto Jyukuroki Freelance Gaffer
Ota Hiroyuki Freelance Assistant Gaffer
Jiro Hashimoto Freelance Assistant Gaffer
Shinji Amemiya IMAGICA Corp. Offline Editor
Yurie Maekawa IMAGICA Corp. Online Editor
Suzuki Hiroyuki IMAGICA Corp. Mixer
Masataka Kimura TASKO Inc. Mechanical Engineers
Tatsuo Hayashi TASKO Inc. Mechanical Engineers
Kenta Watashima PARTY Programer

Brief Explanation

This is a music video for the Japanese band SOUR's new song 'Life is Music.' The song sings about the circle of life, and how music is its rhythm maker. We took this concept, and came up with an idea to use the spinning CD disc as a Phenakistoscope. We created the entire animated music video using 189 spinning CDs. These CDs used in the video are sold on the special website as numbered limited edition art discs, so the fans can own a piece of the music video. The discs were also given to the supporters on the 2 corwdfunding sites, GreenFunding & Kickstarter.

Creative Execution

We used the classical Phenakistoscope technique(one of the earliest animation techniques) to create all the animations. Every frame of the animation were printed onto the 189 CD discs, and spun at a certain speed to match the camera shutter speed to create the animation. Nothing was added in post-production, and all was done in camera. We had to calculate the speed of the spinning and also how many frames to print onto the CD to acheive an animation that is synchronized to the music. After the filming, we actually gave out the CDs to the crowdfunders and sold the rest as limited edition CDs to help sales of the album.