Product / ServiceTOOHEYS EXTRA DRY
CategoryA10. Animation
EntrantAlt.VFX Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company Alt.VFX Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency BMF ADVERTISING Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company GOODOIL FILMS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Justin Ruben BMF Creative Director
Corinne Goode BMF Art Director
Nigel Clark BMF Copywriter
Tony Dunseath BMF Account Director
Emma Mcjury BMF Account Director
Samantha Heckendorf BMF Account Director
Sue Hind BMF Agency Producer
Hamish Rothwell Goodoil Films Director
Sam Long Goodoil Films Producer
Colin Renshaw Alt.vfx Vfx Supervisor
Takeshi Takada Alt.vfx Vfx Executive Producer

Brief Explanation

'Mouth Off' was created as part of the 'Repay Your Mouth' marketing campaign; positioned as an evolution of the hugely successful 'Tongue' campaign of 2004. The cheeky creative, sees a fresh take on the 'Tongue' campaign. The 'Mouth' will no doubt remind everyone of the love-hate reaction they may have felt towards the original ad.The inspiration for the TVC stems from the fact that being a mouth can be a "thankless job". A mouth has to eat bacteria ridden leftovers, laugh at unfunny jokes, spew out cheesy pick-up lines and do endless amounts of sucking up. And what do they get in return? The TVC concept suggests that it is about time people repay their mouths for the years of mouth abuse endured - and one way to repay them is with the clean crisp taste of Tooheys Extra Dry.

Creative Execution

We are is very proud to be involved in the next installment of TED madness. We were tasked with designing and bringing the mouth to life and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. After 3D scanning the lead actors head, we set about building our little mouth character in intricate detail. His skeleton, muscle and skin system were all built in maya and then the final renders completed using Arnold in XSI.