Bronze Spike
Product / ServicePROJECT S
CategoryA09. Visual Effects
EntrantAlt.VFX Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company Alt.VFX Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production Company GOODOIL FILMS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Corey Chalmers SAATCHI/SAATCHI Creative Director
Gus Roberts SAATCHI/SAATCHI Creative Director
Claire Kelly SAATCHI/SAATCHI Producer
Ben Fielding SAATCHI/SAATCHI Business Director
Brendon Mclean SAATCHI/SAATCHI Senior Account Director
Anastasia Potter SAATCHI/SAATCHI Account Director
Michael Spicca GOODOIL FILMS Director
Ben Scandrett-Smith Goodoil Films Producer
Colin Renshaw Alt.vfx Vfx Supervisor

Brief Explanation

Telecom New Zealand's rebranding of Spark was centred on the idea of a spark, a spark that helps us realise our potential, our change and to start a new chapter. The future is ignited with a flicker of energy and infinite possibility; all starting with a Spark. The campaign was a striking innovation into the world of unlocked possibility. From tramping through the New Zealand terrain to futuristic battlefields, we are taken away into the Spark - inspired imagination where anything could and does happen!

Creative Execution

VFX were integral to the realisation of the world with limitless potential. Every technical VFX challenge was presented in this project. The face was seamlessly executed with a photo real CG head tracked onto live action plates and the tear animated to form the first transition from one life to the next. Huge CG explosion were seen in close up detail. The robo-suit in the future battle-field sequence was roto-mated an integrated into the plates with CG lasers, gun fire, explosions, fire and missile assault. Every shot in the commercial had a VFX helping hand, from the effects that stood in plain view such as the robo-suit, to the subtle supporting acts, such as sky replacements, crater extensions, smoke plumes and matte pairings, all seamlessly integrated so they were undetectable to the eye.