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Product / ServiceCCTV
CategoryA05. Editing
Entrant Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency McCANN WORLDGROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company GWANTSI Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tomaz Mok Mccann Erickson Shanghai Chairman
Sun Tao Mccann Erickson Shanghai Creative Director
Cheng Cheng Mccann Erickson Shanghai Agency Producer
Manco Wei Mccann Erickson Shanghai Copywriter
Eric Lu Mccann Erickson Shanghai Copywriter
Evan Zhang Mccann Erickson Shanghai Copywriter

Brief Explanation

How to create an innovative PSA distinguished from 2013 Home Coming campaign? What kind of ad could arouse 1.4 billion people's emotion in this special time of year? This was a big challenge for the creative team. There is always a driving force behind us. It may be the calloused hands that remind you to keep working. It may be the happy smiles of your wife when things aren't going so great. It may be the pressure and the hardship of supporting your family. It may be the dream that you are still pursuing. Everyone uses his ordinary effort to write their own extraordinary life. This year, with our family, let's encourage each other. In ordinary life, each of us is extraordinary. Whether we are a worker, a farmer, a child, a grandfather, an employee, a motherÂ…. We have to say this to ourselves: Thank you for being extraordinary. Ordinary life has its ups and downs. And through it all we still strive to move forward. Thanks to ourselves for being extraordinary.