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CategoryJ04. Innovative use of technology
Entrant Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Ali Shabaz Grey Group Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Low Jun Jek Yolk/At)grey Singapore Creative Director
Shante Lee Yolk/At)grey Singapore Art Director
Ong Su Hui Yolk/At)grey Singapore Creative Technologist/Developer
Sudhir Pasumarty Grey Group Singapore Senior Interactive Specialist
Karn Singh Grey Group Singapore Copywriter
Tan Giap How Grey Group Singapore Art Director
Samuel Minns Grey Group Singapore Regional Account Director
Marie Tan Grey Group Singapore Account Manager
Sashi Kumar Grey Group Singapore Digital Planner
Bobby Aguila Grey Group Singapore Video Editor
Andrew Hiransomboon Asia City Media Group Country Manager
Sherman Plameras Asia City Media Group Media Manager
Nancy Ide Asia City Media Group Media Specialist
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Creative Execution

The 'Know your English’ banner tracks the user’s natural web usage behavior of highlighting a peculiar word when reading online. By observing beyond its allocated media space, the banner is able keep up with the user’s reading activities, refresh itself in real-time and reveal the meaning behind the respective word. It also provides audio pronunciation to help learners overcome the barrier of an unfamiliar term. Throughout the entire experience, the banner remained in a non-intrusive but ever-present spot on the website, ready to be called upon when needed.

The campaign was executed in 3 markets - Singapore, Malaysia and Shanghai, reaching out to over 15861 prospects within 3 days. The average interaction rate was 51.8% - 19.5 times more than the average rich media and 272 times more than the standard banner. Average time spent on the banner was 2 minutes 14 seconds, 11 times more than time spent on rich media banners. 31.9% of the prospects used the audio pronunciation feature within the banner, proving that they were not only getting a better understanding behind the meaning of a word, they were also improving their grasp of the English language.

This is a campaign about how the British Council, the world's largest English-language teaching organization, combined the dictionary and intuitive web behavior to turn a web banner placement into an innovative learning tool to help raise its profile amongst the target audience. The Internet is a convenient, unlimited resource for working professionals who are nonproficient in English to improve themselves by reading. British Council realized that learners of a new language will encounter unfamiliar words when they surf the web for information and the hassle of getting hold of a physical or digital dictionary halts the progress in their language advancement. This gave rise to the opportunity to reach out during the prospects’ moment of need and make life easier for them by sharing the meaning behind a word that is foreign to them in an accessible and relevant way.


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