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Product / ServiceBANKING
CategoryJ01. User experience (UX)
EntrantVML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Aden Hepburn VML Creative Director
Mark Berry VML Senior Art Director
Phil Beresford VML Senior Art Director
Matt Geerson VML Senior Art Director
Leo Kesselring VML Art Director
Andy Mccloud VML Senior Art Director
Rob Romine VML Lead User Experience
Rob Aston VML Lead User Experience
Giles Butler VML Front End Developer
Daniel Peterson VML Front End Developer
Remon Saddik VML Front End Developer
Tim Fletcher VML Project Manager

Creative Execution

Making the site user-goal oriented – rather than a stuffy list of the bank’s products – means navigation is simple and intuitive, and makes dealing with a bank an unexpectedly enjoyable experience. Large, engaging panels, inviting lifestyle shots, user-friendly utility nav and easy-to-use product pages all contribute to making a visit to the site as rewarding and hassle-free as possible. Customer-Centric Banking is an online banking experience that continuously and seamlessly tailored and personalised to you – wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using.

Putting the customer’s goals at the centre of every interaction with the website yielded impressive results. Within the first week of launch: 289% increase in credit card applications 305% increase in personal loan applications 299% increase in transaction account applications.

Being the most visited bank website in Australia meant we knew a lot about what our customers wanted. So we applied these learnings to rebuild our website from a totally consumer-centric point of view, reinforcing the Commonwealth Bank’s ‘I Can’ brand positioning. We redesigned the whole experience from the ground up, focusing on making it mobile-first, costumer-focused and as responsive and intuitive as possible. We created Customer-Centric Banking.


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