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Product / ServiceAJAX SPRAY N' WIPE
CategoryA02. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantVML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Aden Hepburn VML Creative Director
David Jackson VML Senior Art Director
Julian Watt GPY/R Executive Creative Director
David Joubert GPY/R Creative Director
Bart Pawlak GPY/R Creative Director
Mark Macsmith VML Senior Planner
Amy Luca GPY/R Business Director
Alicia Mcfadzean VML Producer
Chainat Wongtapan VML Technical Lead Developer
Loren Towner GPY/R Account Executive
Corrine Mison VML Producer
Ben Coulson GPY/R Chief Creative Officer
GPY/R Additional company

Creative Execution

The Ajax Social Wipes site utilises Facebook connect to display a feed of all your liked pages, then allows you to wipe them away from your newsfeed single-handedly. You can also sign in with Twitter to scan and remove spam-bots from your account instantly, leaving your virtual life as sparkly clean as your real one, and effectively demonstrating the benefits of the Ajax product.

Currently, we’ve wiped away over 500,000 likes, and disinfected over 20,000 spambots. In a world that has us liking and following everything, a tool that lets you do the exact opposite is kind of refreshing.

Ajax wanted to take the launch of their new anti-bacterial single-handed wipes beyond traditional media into people’s digital lives. So we created Ajax Social Wipes – a website that allows you to clean all your social feeds of accumulated Facebook Likes and Twitter-spam single-handedly, in 3 easy steps – login, select, delete. Giving users a useful bit of digital fun, while demonstrating the physical benefits of the product.


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