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Product / ServiceMIRU
CategoryD01. Online Video
EntrantMORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Morihiro Harano Mori Creative Director 
Cameron Temple Stinkdigital Creative Director
Yoshihiro Yagi Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Haruko Tsutsui Dentsu Inc. Copy Writer
Rob Chiu Director
Paul O'callaghan Dop
Stinkdigital Stinkdigital Post Production
Simon Cam Scam Stinkdigital Executive Creative Technologist
Ian Mcgregor Stinkdigital Lead Developer
Sam Elie Stinkdigital Developer
Cloud 12 Cloud 12 Octocopter
Keith Kenniff Unseen Music Sound And Music
Minami Otsuka CREATIVE POWER UNIT Designer
Yusuke Kitani/Qanta Shimizu/Hiroshi Jingu Kaibutsu/PARTY/Engine PLUS Technical Advisor
Jax Evans Stinkdigital Producer
Misato Tachibana Mori Agency Producer
Koji Wada Dentsu Agency Producer
Jax Evans Stinkdigital Executive Producer
Hideyuki Chihara Engine PLUS Executive Producer
Engine Plus Additional company

Creative Execution

On the 31st of October, the website was launched and at the same time the android application was released on Google play.

As soon as the website launches, the new ways of seeing attracted a lot of media coverages including, Ad Age “Pick of the day”’, Google “Think Insight”, FWA “Mobile of the Day”, Communication Design Magazine “Web of the Day” and various other media. The average time spent on the site recored as 3minutes 46 seconds, which shows that the visitors are fully enjoying the contents per visit.

Miru is the innovative disposable contact lens with the world first package as thin as 1mm. The product is called Magic in Japan, and in 2013, the product made its debut in the European market. Miru takes its name from the Japanese word "To See". Upon its debut in European market, the brief was to execute the campaign to establish a strong brand image with small budget. Our solution was based under the theme of ‘To See’ ; an essential function of the contact lens as well as the brand name. We created the branded contents offering the experience that no one has ever seen and developed a bespoke camera allowing to shoot moving image in all direction, 720 degrees, and created a short film with this camera.


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