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CategoryA01. Corporate Information/Business Products & Services
EntrantAKQA Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company AKQA Tokyo, JAPAN
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Name Company Position
Duan Evans AKQA Executive Creative Director
Masaya Nakade AKQA Group Creative Director
Kenichi Fukuda AKQA Planning Director
Max Chanan AKQA Associate Creative Director
Tushar Menon AKQA Creative
Fouad Hammond AKQA Creative
Lizel Louw AKQA Senior Account Director
Alvin Helmandi AKQA Senior Copywriter
Paul Kennerly AKQA Art Director
Jorta Tamaki AKQA Designer
Hiroyuki Furuta AKQA Designer
Nat Cantor AKQA Senior Copywriter
Chris Asahara AKQA Senior Account Director
Aika Nakashima AKQA Account Manager
Dan Inamoto AKQA Associate Programme Director
So Moriyama AKQA So Moriyama
Root Communications Additional company

Creative Execution

We created a world-first opportunity for Japanese athletes to achieve their sporting ambition. This was about more than enablement by a brand, it was an innovative mechanism which allowed people to pledge their physical movement to help others achieve their athletic goals. We allowed our athletes to literally vote with their feet, to fulfil the dreams of others, staying true to our ‘Just Do It’ attitude. This project was executed across a mobile optimised website, and seeded across social networks. This comprised of film and social assets, to engage the community of Nike Athletes across a variety of sporting categories, inspiring them to set personal goals and support each other.

The aim of the campaign was to inspire the audience to move more, but also to educate them about NikeFuel, our proprietary metric for measuring human movement. This campaign overcame the Japanese athletes’ naturally reserved social-sharing habits, by giving them a strong social driver to share their goals: the more people who know about their goal, the more likely they would be to reach their NikeFuel target and achieve their athletic dream. The objective was to get the Nike+ community to move more and move better, and we reached an unbelievable pledge total of 70,163,000 NikeFuel - the equivalent of running 40,000 km.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Just Do It’ in Japan, we empowered athletes to turn their aspirations into realities. We rallied the youth of Japan to stand up, move more and move better with Nike+. We enabled aspiring athletes to create their own sporting missions and gave them the tools to help them hit their targets. Aspiring athletes had the opportunity to submit their projects and rally support from the Nike+ community. Instead of pledging money, the Nike+ community would donate NikeFuel to vote for projects. When projects reach their NikeFuel goal, Nike will make it happen.