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Joono Simon Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Executive Creative Director
Vinci Raj Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Creative Director
Vidyaramanan S Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Technology Director
Sraman Majumdar Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Creative Director
Shamik Sengupta Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Creative Group Head
Poran Malani Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd President
R.v.ishwar Ogilvy&Mather Pvt. Ltd Account Executive

Creative Execution

The innovation makes one appear like Darth Vader of the bikes! Wear the helmet and the bike starts. By this we made the helmet a cool gadget than a mandatory menace. The technology is very simple. It involves copper strips that act as capacitative sensors, a low cost processor (TI MSP430) that detects the presence of skin and a low power TI wireless processor that communicates with a soft relay. The soft relay is introduced in the ignition system of the bike to start the engines as soon as the helmets are worn (no keys no button press!!)

Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) was so enthused that they had 7 of their own bikes fixed with the innovation with 600 more to be fitted in the near future! The campaign resulted in increased visibility for safety messages and also promised adoption of helmets for sure! Receiving 150,000 interests and pledges via social media, a two wheeler giant evincing interests in making our innovation an OEM fitment, Danone international in India approaching us to have 1000 of their employee bikes to be fit with The Good Road Innovation is just a beginning of the success for The Good Road!

There are 130 million motorbike riders in India. Unfortunately, the lack of helmet usage results in nearly 90 bikers succumbing to head injuries each day. Cautionary advertising continues to be ineffective. Although motorbikes hold a special place in their riders’ hearts, the helmet is seen as a non-essential part of the biking experience. Since helmet-safety advertisements have proved ineffective, the advertising requirement was deemed to be a behaviour-changing innovation. The challenge therefore was to make motorbike helmets more appealing and hence encourage helmet usage while riding. The solution - We made the helmet a key to the bike!! Our innovation would recognize if the rider is wearing the helmet and if so would wirelessly send a signal to the bike's ignition system to start it. If the helmet is not worn the bike will NOT start. In short, No Helmet? No Ride!


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