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Product / ServiceTUI BEER
CategoryA02. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Agency SPARK PHD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Entrant Company SPARK PHD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Mike Harland PHDIQ Digital Director
Amanda Cater Sparkphd Media Director
Stacey Stephenson Sparkphd Media Director
Kim Gribble Sparkphd Media Planner/Buyer
Phil Webster Sparkphd Media Manager
William Papesch Heineken New Zealand Tui Marketing Manager
Todd Wackrow Union Marketing Director
Antonio Navas Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Executive Creative Director
Corey Chalmers Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Creative Director
Guy Roberts Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Creative Director
Paul Wilson Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Business Director
Jono Bates Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Account Director
Willie Lyons Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Account Executive
Murray Streets Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Planning Team
Ian Hulme Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Planning Team
Anna Kennedy Saatchi/Saatchi NZ Agency Producer

Creative Execution

Although the idea was on brand and potentially appealing, we were aware it could turn into a You Tube video with 50 views. Channel-wise, this wasn’t something you launched on TV. Consumers needed to discover it organically, endorse it and pass it on for it to have impact. Digital gave us the perfect launch platform. But just sticking the video in a pre-roll video wasn’t the answer. An extensive digital seeding strategy targeting key influencers both locally and internationally followed. After letting momentum build, the introduction of Tui Plumber content cut downs across various online video placements extended reach further.

The results blew every benchmark out of the water: Content view objectives were delivered within 24 hours. Ultimately achieving over 7.7 million official views. This equates to over 37 years of Tui branded video viewing time. Spontaneous awareness and consideration amongst our core 18 – 24 year demographic grew by 9.7% and 12.3% respectively. Popularity increased by 8% YOY – where our target was to maintain and stop the decline. Tui Beer market share grew from 20.4% to 25.3% during the campaign period. Amazing in a declining market! Seeding strategy generated $602k in online earned media value.

Tui had lost its way! A local loveable beer brand was stuck in the past. Its advertising relied heavily on using sexy girls to build Kiwi bloke appeal. Admittedly while that had worked for some years, the Tui drinker (aged 25 to 29) had moved on. With mainstream beer category in decline overall (due to exciting craft and premium beers entering the market) and the brand losing relevance, we needed to take action! We revisited the brand essence again ‘always something brewing’. This was all about bringing to life the antics that happen when blokes get together. Enter our big Idea. Play the ultimate prank on an unsuspecting Tui Drinker. While he was on holiday, Tui would take over his house and re-plumb it completely - with Tui beer. And when he came back and turned on the taps his ultimate bloke’s dream would come true.


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