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The Campaign

Australian restrictions surrounding branded content are quite fair and flexible. Television is regulated more heavily than any other medium. However, as this was primarily an outdoor-led initiative, we didn’t experience any major restrictions from governments or other regulating bodies.


ANZ Bank is one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. Since 2007, ANZ has supported the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras — one of world’s largest marches for gay rights. This year they became the event’s Principal Partner. We were looking to do something fun, meaningful and relevant for ANZ’s banking brand. We wanted people on Sydney’s streets to interact with the bank and help spread their message of diversity and inclusion — all in keeping with the fabulous, celebratory spirit of the modern Mardi Gras. So we transformed central Sydney ATMs into dazzling GAYTMs. Ten unique GAYTMs, inspired by gay and lesbian culture, were installed on Sydney’s busiest streets for three weeks surrounding the Mardi Gras. Bejewelled by hand in rhinestones, sequins, studs, leather, denim and fur, each GAYTM was a riot of colour and textures to celebrate the festival and show ANZ’s support for diversity. The display screens on the GAYTMs were changed to carry messages such as ‘Hello gorgeous’ and ‘Happy Mardi Gras!’. The GAYTMs also dispensed rainbow coloured receipts with the message ‘Cash out and proud’. And during the campaign, ANZ donated all GAYTM operator fees to non-profit Gay and Lesbian charity organisation, Twenty10. The creation, installation, and delighted public reactions to the GAYTMs became short webfilms. Content was then uploaded to Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

The primary point of contact for the audience was through the ten street-facing GAYTMs placed on Sydney’s busiest inner-city streets — with thousands of people walking past every hour. Street posters, YouTube films, Instagram video and twitter also played an important role in promoting #GAYTM. But the biggest push was through the PR strategy following the installation of the GAYTMs. A thorough PR plan saw the installation of the GAYTMS supported by news coverage on every Australian commercial television channel, plus Metro news coverage in every Australian state. All this drew more and more people to come down and view the GAYTMs for themselves.

The public reaction on Sydney’s streets and the social response lead to: Total media impressions: 62+ million. Metro news coverage in every Australian state News coverage on every Australian commercial TV channel. Branded pictures in media from over 70 countries around the world. Reported on over 100 blogs and online articles. Sydney’s tourist buses, re-routed to pass the GAYTM locations. Normally, a receipt roll in the ANZ Oxford St ATM lasts one week. The first rainbow-coloured receipt roll in the ANZ Oxford St GAYTM lasted one hour. Public and consumer sentiment for the bank on social media has never been higher. ANZ banking staff, at both a branch and senior level, even received hand written letters of gratitude from members of the public.


Name Company Position
Scott Whybin Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Chief Creative Officer
Paul Reardon Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Damian Royce Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Creative Director
Tara Ford Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Creative
Daniel Pizzato Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Creative
Andy Lish Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Creative
Frieda Handoko/Danny Bos Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Digital Designer
Margot Ger Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Executive Producer
Lauren Pell Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Producer
Mish Fabok Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Digital Producer
James Dive/Pete Baker The Glue Society Project/Artistic Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver/Will O'rourke Executive Producer
Josh Mullens Revolver/Will O'rourke Head Of Projects
Mel Reardon Revolver/Will O'rourke Project Manager
Mim Haysom Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Regional Group Head
Claire Tenzer Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Group Account Director
Alice Mccormack Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Account Manager
Kimberlee Wells Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Head Of Digital
Scott Woodhouse Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Digital Planner
Rob Lowe Eleven PR Pr Director