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CategoryA03. Brand or Product Integration into an existing programme or platform
Entrant Company OMNICOM MEDIA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency 2 OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency 3 FUSE Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Recently in China, parent-child class program is very popular. Especially the key word of “Dad”, has become the hottest entertainment icon in all kinds of channels whatever TV, online, movie, and etc. Because the majority of Chinese family has only one child, usually mother is always pay more attention to the child. The father often ignore children’s growth because of their busy work. However the father is also pay an important role of children’s healthy grow and education. This has become the focus of social concern. In 2013, China No. 1 entertainment TV station – HNTV, launched a parent-child reality show “Dad, where are going?”, which has become the most popular and eye-catching TV program in China. It reached more than 120M people and most of them are family audience. Chinese censorship is notorious for their strict hold over content that is aired in China. While this is true, it’s not always to suppress criticism. The censor is also to ensure that content sets a good moral example for people and families. Content that promotes strong family development rarely find any problems producing films.


Johnson’s Baby is going to enhance the joy of growing together by encouraging dads to play an equally as important role as mums. We realized that new mothers in China were watching hit parenting show “Where are we going, Dad?”, and after looking closer, we found the new mothers were forcing their husbands to watch as well. This gave us a golden opportunity to create an emotional bond with new fathers. Mums wants dads to play an active role in parenting. Johnson's Baby wanted to find the best medium to cherish "The Irreplaceable Moment". “Where are we going, Dad?” the most popular TV show was releasing a movie during cinema’s peak time of year – 2014 Chinese New Year. This film “Where are we going, Dad?” is where we chose to champion “The Irreplaceable Moment”. We created a Johnson’s Baby special moment in the film that had a strong connection with our viewers. The act of washing your parent’s feet is a demonstration of love and care for your parents in China. By having the son use Johnson’s Baby products to do this, we knew our audience would understand the emotional/cultural significance of the moment. Our audience actively followed this irreplaceable moment, so we used Weibo (China’s Twitter) to spread and further strengthen the brand’s connection. "Johnson’s Baby New Mom" official Weibo launched the “Where are we going, Dad?” event, fans can get free milk baby shower gift and landscaping photo service when they upload dad-child photo. We linked Johnson’s Baby with the movie’s authorization for poster, online video, and movie photos to promote the sales of brand in retail and online stores. In China, there are ads before films instead of trailers, so we placed Johnson’s Baby ads to bond brand and film (while the audience’s anticipation is highest).

Originally a polular reality TV show, the film version of "Where are we going, Dad?" gained unprecedented attention and popularity. The movie focuses on the dad&child relationship, it naturally spoke to our Johnson's Baby audience - parents have 3 - 6 ages children. Traditionally, Johnson’s Baby speaks to new mothers, but this year we find the opportunity that mothers want fathers play an active role in parenting. This campaign targeted new FATHERS, who watch the show because their wives made them watch it. Our new target was drawn (literally) to the content by our traditional audience.

Through our fully integrated branded content approach, we successfully shared “The Irreplaceable moment” with our audience. We reached our audience: - "Where are we going, Dad?" became the most popular 2D movie in 2014 CNY - RMB690m (USD$110 million) at the box office - +25 million viewers They engaged with Johnson’s Baby like never before: - 60x Johnson’s baby Weibo activity (China’s Twitter) during the campaign period, as many parents wanted to post their own ‘Irreplaceable Moments’ - 470,000 search results about Johnson’s Baby moment in the movie We had a direct impact on Johnson’s Baby sales: - 30% sales growth than the same period of last year - 0.8% market share increase - At the close of the campaign, Johnson’s Baby had this to say: “This project had achieved great result for the business, especially the good performance of sales. We appreciate the efforts that you had pulled for this project and we have also collected great learning through this co-op. Hopefully, these learnings can help us in the further content planning, not just for JB, hopefully across the whole Johnson & Johnson.”


Name Company Position
Arlene Ang OMD China Ceo
Calvin Fu Omnicom Media Group Managing Director/Fuse China
Deric Wong Omnicom Media Group Managing Partner/Strategic Planning Omg Hk
Lisa Thompson OMD China Managing Partner/Business Development
Gigi Chen Omnicom Media Group Brand Director/Fuse China
Julia Cao Omnicom Media Group Brand Manager/Fuse China
Fred Luan OMD China Business Director
Sophia Luo Omnicom Media Group Senior Content Manager/Fuse China
Irray Cai Omnicom Media Group Senior Content Executive/Fuse China