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Entrant Company NUDEJEH Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency NUDEJEH Bangkok, THAILAND

The Campaign

Bearing the slogan ‘Fruit with care’, Malee wanted to emphasize its positioning as a fruit juice that stands for caring to both existing and new customers. So in today’s society where no one has time to really care for anyone, let alone themselves, the strategy was to create a cause for people to participate in making the concept of ‘caring’ meaningful and appreciated once more.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign generated lots of conversation and support for the cause. Many online idols even made covers of the song. In just one month, song clips reach 400,000 views, and music videos reached over 1 million views. Malee Facebook’s “Talking about this” value reached over 56,000. Caring phrases used socially online increased from 6,098 to 750,000 times per month during the campaign. And most importantly people came to appreciate the caring phrases much more than ever.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The idea was to use common Thai phrases for caring that are often taken for granted, and make them meaningful once more. These meaningless phrases were turned into ‘lifeless’ installations and placed in high traffic areas across Thailand. QR codes drew people online to help bring the installations back to life. Then we asked 5 top Thai music artists to produce special songs and music videos that made the caring phrases more meaningful. Online, people could share the songs and MVs, as well as installation images, with those they cared for. The more they shared, the more the installations blossomed.


Name Company Position
Pradhana Jariyawilaskul Nudejeh Planner
Nantida Tansawai Nudejeh Account Manager
Kanokkorn Seehapan Nudejeh Account Supervisor
Kidthungsamer Thongdang Nudejeh Agency Producer
Poom Kunplin Nudejeh Art Director
Matthana Saetiew Nudejeh Art Director
Arnon Kantawang Nudejeh Art Director
Thapakorn U-Sakul Nudejeh Art Director
Thanapol Jiratadaporn Nudejeh Copywriter
Chatshai Prasertmak Nudejeh Copywriter
Jason Lim Nudejeh Creative Director
Jureeporn Thaidumrong Nudejeh Executive Creative Director
Jureeporn Thaidumrong Nudejeh Chief Creative Officer