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Name Company Position
Sumit Sawardekar Editor
Kirk Jacob Dreamcatchers
Piyush Raghani/Surashmi Basu Old School Film
Nishant Singh/Achint Interface
Rekha Rao/Amanda Mendonza/Shreysi Chandra Weber Shandwick
Kiran Dodiya/Shyam Gursahani/Madonna Dsouza Encompass
Sherwan Ahsan/Mehak Batra Bbdo Proximity
Hitesh Shah/Shankar Yelugu/Sameet Koyande/Venkatesh Pagidimarry/Rajeev Mohite Bbdo India Retouch Artist
Keegan D'mello/Rima Wadhwa Bbdo India Account Supervisor
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant/Namrata Patnaik/Arzan Antia/Gunjan Poddar Bbdo India Art Director
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant/Namrata Patnaik/Arzan Antia/Gunjan Poddar Bbdo India Copywriter
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant Bbdo India Creative Director
Rajdeepak Das Bbdo India Executive Creative Director
Josy Paul Bbdo India Chairman/Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

Over the past three years, Gillette had worked its way through to achieve market leadership in India. Our challenge was to further accelerate growth on an existing high base. Getting more men to shave in order to achieve this goal; seemed extremely difficult and expensive. So, we needed a creative solution that got men to shave more often! Thus our target audience was drawn from existing customers. Women were our source of inspiration. A Nielsen report revealed that 87% women prefer to go out with clean-shaven men in the evening. Thus was born a women's movement against 'Evening Stubble'.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign received free media coverage worth over USD 4.1 million - the highest-ever in Gillette India history. Over 3.5 billion free editorial media impressions. Over 500 million digital impressions. For the first time, Gillette India trended on twitter with #shaveorcrave becoming India's No.1 trend for over three days. We witnessed India's biggest blogging outburst by women, with over 500 blogs and a reach of over 34 million. Gillette India share grew by 1.2 points, reaching its highest ever share. Sales went up by 16% in spite of an existing high base.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We coined a term called 'Evening Stubble'. 'Evening stubble' got women got all fired up. They began to put pressure on men. They threatened to make men crave if they did not shave. Some went so far as to say that they would sleep in separate rooms. In response, Gillette launched the Fusion Gamer – a razor that makes shaving so comfortable, that men would enjoy shaving even twice a day. The razor was launched in a moving train in the evening by a group of home-bound men. Celebrities also got on board the train. This created explosive news.