Product / ServiceAQUOS UD1
Entrant1-10DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN
Entrant Company 1-10DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 1-10DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN

The Campaign

This is the online to offline promotion of the new 4K TV “AQUOS UD1” by the Japanese appliance maker, SHARP. Using a world first 360 degree imaging technique, users can experience the key feature of the “AQUOS UD1” online, which is its “strong sense of presence and reality” Collaborated with the famous Japanese performance group WORLD ORDER, who has more than 30 millions views on Youtube, we created a web live event. Using footages captured by 32 cameras surrounding the stage; we generated a 4K videos encompassing all the angles in each frame. Using the mouse or webcam, users can trim to the different angles in real time, enhancing the “live” aspects of the performance. Using the web to attract customers into the stores, the numbers of TV buyers are on the rise.

Success of the Campaign

For our client, using web promotion, Facebook and Twitter, we hoped to attract people to the stores. With in-store promotion in over 3000 locations, where they can experience the real 4K TV. Started with Yahoo! News on the first day, it was featured in many net media. In just 48 hours after the launch we got 1500 Like! on Facebook and 500 tweets. 3 weeks after the launch, the total time had been played are over 110,000 hours. For the customers, by accessing the site and to the store, they can experience an excusive performance by the famous performance group, WORLD ORDER. Also, by providing all 1120 angles of the video on SNS, their fans can create their own special version.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

On the website, using a world first 4K 360 degree imaging technique, we recreated a key feature of the AQUOS UD1 “the strong sense of presence and reality” On top of this, we set up a digital display featuring a multi-angle special commercial in one of the main train station in Tokyo. Also, for the in-store promotion, we showed an original promotion video of WORLD ORDER in over 3,000 locations. This video was specially made to show off the super fine resolution and features of the 4K TV. We went for web and digital promotion instead of traditional mass media and successfully attracted our web users into the stores.


Name Company Position
Yuji Shiramoto Nide Inc. Technical Support
Osamu Iijima Nide Inc. Technical Support
Masahumi Kashi Editor
Atsushi Yamamoto Editor
Motoki Saito Sun-Ad Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Takashi Nakamura Demand Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Toru Saito Lighting Designer
Masahiro Suzuki Camera Man
Nobuko Sumimoto C-Dash Co./Ltd. Producer
Shogo Tominaga 1-10design Inc. Movie Director
Tadashi Watano 1-10design Inc. Planner
Tomoki Matsui 1-10design Inc. System Engineer
Masayuki Emi 1-10design Inc. System Engineer
Yusuke Ono 1-10design Inc. Flash Developer
Masayuki Iizuka 1-10design Inc. Flash Developer
Hiroyuki Kubo 1-10design Inc. Art Director/Designer
Teppei Eriguchi Demand Co./Ltd. Movie Director
Hideaki Mizutani 1-10design Inc. Producer
Hirokazu Matsushige 1-10design Inc. Creative Director
Yoshiaki Sawabe 1-10design Inc. Executive Producer