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Entrant Company SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Advertising Agency SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES

The Campaign

THE MAKING OF A HERO THE TASK Call Centers account for a large part of the economic growth of the Philippines in recent years. However, Call Center Agents suffer from a stigma of being oddballs and rejects. Many of them feel robbed of their dignity of labor despite making an honest living and the industry’s contribution to the country. Convergys, the leading Call Center wanted to change all that. They wanted people to have a better appreciation for Call Centers and to see agents for the heroes that they truly are.

Success of the Campaign

THE RESULTS Social media was swarmed by declarations of pride both by Convergys and non-Covergys agents alike as early as the day after the launch. Admiration and support also came from those not from the Call Center industry. Convergys Facebook fans increased to 370,164 -- 11 times the number of Convergys employees. The TVC has gotten 7,612,069 HITS. Recruitment increased by 317% -- from a monthly average of 800, applicants increased to 2,535.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

THE STRATEGY To address the problem we came up with PLAN PEDESTAL. Building the Foundation Convergys produced a 60-seconder TVC that made a bold and public declaration of the Call Centers’ contribution to the country. This was the first time a TVC was aired to highlight the merits of the industry Achieving Greater Height This was heightened by outdoor and merchandising that featured real agents which put them in the spotlight. This gave them a great sense of pride and importance. Hero Standing Tall Finally, the heroes were placed on the pedestal for all the world to see. True-to-life stories of Convergys agents were told through a digital film that was placed in the worldwide web. This showed how their lives dramatically turned around because of the opportunity to work as Call Center agents.


Name Company Position
Carls Echas Seven A.d. Account Manager
Lester Obice Seven A.d. Account Director
Angel Ramos Seven A.d. Art Director
Rina Dela Calzada Seven A.d. Creative Director/Art Director
Argem Vinuya Seven A.d. Creative Director/Art Director
Maki Correa Seven A.d. Creative Director/Copywriter
Russell Molina Seven A.d. Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Tey San Diego Seven A.d. Chief Operations Officer
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.d. Chief Executive Officer/Copywriter