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The Campaign

Nike Parallel Journeys is an authentic commentary on the everyday journeys of India’s bloodline, which is not just 15 players on the bench but A BILLION STRONG. The campaign brings alive the journeys of the current world champions that run parallel to the journeys of millions of cricket crazy youth across the country and captures the common thread between these journeys. And when the parallel lines blur across the country, we realize that everyone in the bloodline is pursuing the same dream. Bleeding up to that ultimate journey, to wear the blue Indian jersey and play for the country. The Campaign involved live television big match breaks, during the cricket world cup, on ground local city nike cup activation to recruit and promote the country's bloodline, online training videos and promos across digital media, and the making of videos across Direct to home satellite tv networks.

Success of the Campaign

10 Million + Viewers of Live TV were held captive by the big moment of India's first ball in the 2012 Cricket world cup. Nike Parallel Journeys broke into India's first ball in the World Cup, with an innovation in sound design that seamless transformed the commercial into live content. And many viewers called in to describe the unique experience calling it a revolutionary idea to merge advertising with real life. This Campaign deepened the Nike relationship with the sport and its athletes across the streets & stadiums of India. Nike Parallel Journeys united the nation behind the national team, inspiring every cricket crazy Indian to sport the Nike jersey and Bleed Blue for India. The films, events, outdoor, on ground and online expressions authentically captured the spirit of a nation drenched in a million emotions but united every Indian with one expression – Bleed Blue.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

JOURNEY #1 - RISE TO BLUE : NIKE CUP – FROM THE STREET TO THE STADIUM, 500 TEAMS COMPETED FOR A CHANCE TO TRAIN AT THE NATIONAL CRICKET ACADEMY A Journey followed on Playgrounds, Youtube Channels & Facebook -------------------------------------------- JOURNEY #2 - EARN YOUR BLUE : NIKE TRAINING VIDEOS - ENCOURAGING THE CRICKET CRAZY YOUTH TO TRAIN HARD THROUGH TRAINING VIDEOS - Youtube & Facebook -------------------------------------------- JOURNEY #3 - FIGHT FOR BLUE : INDIA’S BIGGEST TEST BEFORE THE WORLD CUP, using Facebook to excite a nation. -------------------------------------------- THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY - #BLEED BLUE : T20 WORLD CUP CAMPAIGN INCLUDED PARALLEL JOURNEYS ACROSS OUTDOOR, TELEVISION, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK & LIVE CONTENT ON DTH CHANNELS. ----------------------------------------- THE FILM : An authentic commentary on the parallel journeys of India’s bloodline, which is not just 15 players on the bench. THE SOUND DESIGN : NO INSTRUMENTS. JUST THE MUSIC OF A BILLION VOICES. -----------------------------------------


Name Company Position
Apurba Sengupta Rdp Films Producer
Abhinay Deo Rdp Films Director
Varun Puri Nike India Brand Connections Manager
Avinash Pant Nike India Marketing Director
Karthik Katti Jwt India Account Director
Meeta Bharvani Jwt India Client Services Director
Senthil Kumar Jwt India Art Director
Dhruv Warrior Jwt India Copywriter
Senthil Kumar Jwt India Copywriter
Senthil Kumar Jwt India National Creative Director