Product / ServiceCANON POWERSHOT N
Entrant Company DENTSU MOBIUS Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency DENTSU MOBIUS Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

For Canon’s target audience, “pictures are their proof” and being creative with them is imperative to keeping their peers interested in what they are doing. However, this very same audience is getting in a creative rut with their photos – shooting from the same angle and then publishing them with the same filters and same crops. It became clear that “same same” photos were becoming a problem. But the good news was that the Canon PowerShot N is a creative enabler that facilitates people shooting from the hip. With a creative mode that delivers multiple filters and crop iterations, as well as a unique ‘Grip and Snap’ ring to take photos, Dentsu Möbius helped Canon launch the “Get A Grip” campaign to ignite a people’s crusade against “same same” photography.

Success of the Campaign

Canon understands the value of consumer-centric creative and the role of digital in its larger marketing communications. Thus, it was a great opportunity for Dentsu Möbius to drive the creative story and amplify an ordinary product launch, into a strong reason for people to come together to form a movement against boring photography. In less than 8 weeks, almost 3,000 people pledged to join the Get A Grip movement, up to 70,000 photos were created, and the average time spent, of 1 minute and 36 seconds on the site, well exceeded the same on other online photography communities. The overall engagement was a good indication of product interest. More importantly, we found a way for Canon to help people re-imagine their photos, with a product that plays a genuine role in their lives.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The Get A Grip campaign was highly integrated with the use of mobile and desktop banners, a niche magazine sponsorship, outdoor posters, and offline activation. Mass media and social influencers drove people to an immersive online experience by generating interest and awareness. To increase sociability, the website used Facebook Connect, through which social sharing drove up to 40% of site traffic. The site also simulated how the camera's Creative Shot Mode can help people spice up – or, "Get a Grip" - on their boring photos. 50% of the site visitors accessed it using Mobile and tablets, which indicated the success of our highly optimized mobile site. Whilst the campaign cut across multiple channels, every channel had a specific role to play in the consumer journey, and effectively ensured Canon educated and informed its’ niche target audience with a consistent motivating proposition, for why they should buy a Powershot N.


Name Company Position
Nick Licence Dentsu Möbius Regional Strategic Planning Director
Matt Briant Dentsu Möbius Regional Mobile Platform Director
Poh Yi Min Dentsu Singapore Account Executive
Aloysius Heng Dentsu Singapore Senior Account Executive
Tony Ray Pereira Dentsu Singapore Executive Creative Director
Lim Lee Huang Dentsu Singapore Deputy Business Group Head
Mashima Barton Dentsu Möbius Digital Account Executive
Eugene Goh Dentsu Möbius Account Manager
Elaine Ng Dentsu Singapore Account Manager
Nicole Ong Dentsu Singapore Account Director
Timmy Iskak Dentsu Möbius Digital Account Director
Alan Koh Dentsu Möbius Digital Media
Rish Tamilrajan Dentsu Möbius Social Media Executive
Nicholas Leong Dentsu Singapore Creative Director
Fredrik Englund Dentsu Möbius Regional Creative Director
Margery Lynn Dentsu Möbius Regional Social Media Director