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The Campaign

The strategy was to slice time with respect to youth, in a way that had never been done before. The objective of the campaign was to convert young people wearing the market leader 'Fast Track' watches to start considering 'Helix', a new watch from the Timex stable. The task was to attract new customers and also convert existing Fast Track users. The creative solution came from the positioning of the competitors (market leader's) campaign. FAST TRACK The competitor was telling the young target audience to 'MOVE ON' as an attitude. We decided to go exactly the opposite way and tell the young what no one had ever told them, WASTE TIME. The desired outcome was exactly what we wanted. It created a big buzz across media, moved the brand to the youth's consideration set. Which was evident from the huge sales volume during the campaign period.

Success of the Campaign

We spent only: Production cost - USD 91371 Media Print Cost - USD 127920 Cinema, TV and digital cost - USD 91371 which resulted in: 454% growth in volumes sold. Just after two weeks of the campaign, stocks were sold out and we had to pause the campaign till the stores were restocked.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Explanation of why the creative execution was relevant to the product or service. The strength of the idea comes from the fact that we flipped the meaning of TIME on its head. The originality comes from the fact that no one had ever said it. It was most appropriate for a brand trying to launch a new watch in a market where the leader was strongly entrenched in the target audience's head for the last 10 years. Also it was radical telling the young to 'waste time' when the establishment has always been telling them to use time judiciously to make their future. Plus selling the concept 'WASTE TIME' for watch brand was certainly was radical! Cinema Campaign 15 June 2012 PVR Cinemas, DT Cinemas Digital Campaign 15 June 2012 Facebook, Youtube, Helix Webstore TV Campaign 15 June 2012 News 24 Channel Print Campaign 15 June 2012 Times Of India, Hindustan Times And Many More Outdoor Campaign 15 June 2012 Posters In All Multiplexes


Name Company Position
Govind Aggarwal Flying Pigs Production Assistant Producer
Nikhil D'souza Flying Pigs Production Music Director
Avani Mankotia Jwt India Agency Producer
Charu Bhatanagar Jwt India Account Supervisor
Tassaduq Hussain Flying Pigs Production Dop
Salil Khurana Flying Pigs Production Producer
Bharat Sikka Flying Pigs Production Director
Simran Sahni Jwt India Creative Director (Copy)
Anupama Ramaswamy Jwt India Creative Director (Art)
Senthil Kumar Jwt India Ncd
Tista Sen Jwt India Ncd
Swati Bhattacharya Jwt India Ncd