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The Campaign

Yuvraj Singh, India's dashing cricketer, and Birla Sun Life Insurance's brand ambassador, was diagnosed with cancer in February 2012. Eight months later he made a complete recovery and was selected to play for India again. In one year Yuvraj Singh had actually lived the Birla Sun Life brand promise - live with confidence through the ups and downs of life. The Birla Sun Life Integrated Campaign tries to do justice to this remarkable bounce back story which was almost scripted for an insurance company so that others can draw inspiration from it.

Success of the Campaign

The Campaign results were fantastic - 30 million impressions for the tv commercial. - YouTube - close to 1,00,000 views during the campaign. - 59,000 minutes of engagement. - Twitter Contest - 11.7 million estimated impressions. - 1414 mentions of lifekaballa. - Contest trending on day 1. - Free editorial coverage worth Rs. 2 crores. - PR rankings soared from 6 to 2. But the most important result of the campaign cannot be quantified. Yuvraj's inspirational story gave hope to millions and made them feel that they too can bounce back from life's low point. What could be more appropriate for an insurance company?

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

-Throughout his illness, Yuvraj never once questioned fate or asked ' Why me?' We made this the theme of our Television commercial which launched the campaign. - On Twittter, Yuvraj asked for others to share their bounce back experiences in a contest called lifekaballa which got amazing response. - The Print ad was a long copy philosophical ad with the headline ' Why me?' - This was supported by Outdoor with the same message. - Activation - throughout the campaign, Yuvraj visited hospitals to give hope to others who were going through an experience like him. - Branded Content. A 3 part documentary called Zindagi Abhi Bakki Hai ( Life isn't over yet) ran on Tv. People were glued to their TVs on 3 consecutive Sunday mornings enthralled by the story of the young cricketer who came back from the jaws of death to take on the world again.


Name Company Position
Rajesh Mehta Jwt India Strategic Planner
Nazneen Dharamsey Jwt India Sr. Account Executive
Dipika Narayan Jwt India Executive Business Director
Siddharth Joglekar Jwt India Copywriter
Nandita Chalam Jwt India Copywriter
Vivek Prabhukeluskar Jwt India Art Director
Dipesh Kowarkar Jwt India Sr. Creative Director
Nandita Chalam Jwt India Executive Creative Director
Senthil Kumar Jwt India National Creative Director
Swati Bhattacharya Jwt India National Creative Director
Tista Sen Jwt India National Creative Director