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Entrant Company COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

The Campaign

Bank of New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s ‘big’ four banks. But that was the problem. People weren’t distinguishing BNZ as anything special from the others. We were tasked with creating and launching a unique leadership position, communicated in an interesting and disruptive way. In New Zealand (like most of the world) bank advertising is boring. However money is fascinating… so we started a conversation about money. By starting unbranded and asking provocative questions in media all over New Zealand, the campaign felt like a movement. This meant rather than a cynical and disengaged response from New Zealand to another bank campaign, people got involved and participated in the conversation.

Success of the Campaign

What happened as a result of the communication activity? 1) BNZ took a leadership position in the category by getting New Zealanders talking about money: The campaign became one of the most talked about campaigns of 2012 which two other banks and an internet troll tried to highjack. But best of all, 1 in 4 New Zealanders actively did something about their money as a result of seeing the campaign (TNS Research, Oct 2012). 2) BNZ established their position as the bank helping New Zealander’s be good with money, with over 60% of New Zealander’s agreeing with the brand statement “Helps people be good with money” and ultimately increasing BNZ preference and consideration by 8%. How did the communication achieve the goals and influence business outcomes? • The new brand platform is translating to business results, all campaigns since this launch have seen uplifts in sales on average of 709% against the previous year.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

For three weeks unbranded “Money is Good” and “Money is Bad” statements appeared around New Zealand, starting in social media channels to stimulate conversation (networks, blogs and forums), ambient media in controversial locations to provoke response (street stencils, projections, outdoor), and provocative films in broadcast media channels (TV, cinema, online) to drive emotional engagement. The films featured the same actor walking down the same street, delivering the same lines, with the same cast. But one was in daylight highlighting the positive uses of money, the other at night showing money as an evil force. We then concurrently revealed BNZ’s involvement in print, outdoor, online and a 90 second film (TV, Cinema) that cleverly intercut the “good” and “bad” tease films to resolve with “Money is neither good nor bad, it’s what you do with it”. BNZ’s point of view was quickly & widely understood. We amplified this with a new website, a staff launch and in stores.


Name Company Position
Toby Schleissler N/A Dop
Craig Thompson Colenso Bbdo Digital Designer
Craig Herbison Bnz Chief Marketing Officer
Bernard Garry The Editors Editor
Tom Foden N/A Production Designer
Gary Freedman Glue Society Director
Kate Slavin Colenso Bbdo Designer
Justin Pollock Park Pictures Producer
Jackie Kelman Bisbee Park Pictures Producer
Michael Ritchie Revolver Producer
Terry Williams-Willcock Colenso Bbdo Digital Creative Director
Jen Storey/Serena Fountain-Jones Colenso Bbdo Agency Producer
Andy Mcleish Colenso Bbdo Head Of Planning
Hannah Watson Colenso Bbdo Account Manager
Jo Underdown Colenso Bbdo Senior Account Director
Paul Wilson Colenso Bbdo Group Account Director
Christie Cooper Colenso Bbdo Copywriter
James Conner Colenso Bbdo Art Director
Steve Cochran Colenso Bbdo Executive Creative Director
Nick Worthington Colenso Bbdo Creative Chairman