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Advertising Agency TBWA\SHANGHAI, CHINA

The Campaign

Today in China, rapid economic growth is accelerating the divide between people. What was once a Generation Gap is now a Decade Gap. 
Adidas wants to change that. Adidas believes that deep inside all of us is a common thread that connects us all together. 
That common thread is Originality. 
Adidas wants to unite people through originality.

Success of the Campaign

Adidas demonstrated that originality transcends age, and can be used to unify millions of Chinese across generations, and that no generation gap is too wide when you live with the Originals spirit. 63 days Key Performance Campaign site page view  4.3M+,  collected 52,476 pcs Digital media impressions:  3,204,113,357 Eason MV view:453K+ Social media contents received 123 million  views/replies/retweets from consumers;179k fans growth Crew raid hunted more than 660 cool crews , Total impressions: 348,437 Overall Sales increase during campaign 32% percent

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Adidas wanted to unite people across China though music and originals fashion, by creating China's first Crowd sourced MTV. Featuring Eason Chan + You and your peers. Introducing (subtitle: all originals #represent)
A movement to unite a people through originals fashion. 
We began in a van that toured the four corners of China.
On the road, rock-star Eason Chen invited people to submit images that best represented their originality. Images collected was included in China’s first crowd sourced music video.
In-store kiosks, editorials and outdoor print helped spread the message of unity, and drive participation.
Music lovers of all types and sizes lined up across the country to share their fashion style for the video. And in the end, we celebrated together how originals fashion and music unites us all.


Name Company Position
Jeff Yan Tbwa\dan\shanghai
Echo Qi Tbwa\dan\shanghai
Yoyo Hong Tbwa\dan\shanghai Account Director
Michael Donohue Tbwa\dan\shanghai Group Account Director
Grace Wang Tbwa\dan\shanghai Producer
Allen Chen Tbwa\dan\shanghai Executive Producer
George Tbwa\dan\shanghai Art Director
Zoezou Tbwa\dan\shanghai Art Director
Qihan Tbwa\dan\shanghai Art Director
White Bai Tbwa\dan\shanghai Senior Copywriter
Berial Guo Tbwa\dan\shanghai Senior Art Director
Yong Yu Tbwa\dan\shanghai Senior Art Director
Morris Lee Tbwa\dan\shanghai Associate Creative Director
Dwayne Koh Tbwa\dan\shanghai Group Creative Director