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The Campaign

Toyota released the hybrid AQUA, the most fuel-efficient car in the world. Its goal was to overtake the Prius and become the number one selling car in Japan. We thought that the most environmentally friendly car should have the most environmentally friendly advertising campaign. Therefore, we created the "AQUA SOCIAL FES!!" which is a platform that involves people from all over Japan to clean up water areas (rivers, beaches etc). We created a platform that enabled people from all over Japan to participate. What's important is that this campaign is not a CSR project, nor is it "cause marketing." You can participate without having to buy the product, but the results of the campaign are used for advertising. Its a model that enables the environment to improve, the more the car sells.

Success of the Campaign

How did it help our client? Many people supported AQUA's vision, and its sales overtook the then number one PRIUS, and became the number one selling car in Japan. "AQUA SOCIAL FES!!"gained 11,533 participants. Their average age: 29.5. The campaign appeared on TV 41 times, and was written about in 47 newspapers 666 times, in 15 magazines, and in the web 63 times in a total of 332 types of media. How did it help our consumers? The younger generation, who according to our research, 82% of are eager to participate in environmental activities, participated in these events, and were very satisfied. Various environmental groups were able to gain more participants. Many rivers and beaches were cleaned up, and people became more environmentally conscious.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We made a website where you can view the activities taking place all throughout Japan. In addition, we made it possible to apply for participation through car dealerships. The news of the world's most environmentally friendly car and the world's most environmentally friendly ad-campaign spread quickly. Especially, many local newspapers, who were conscious of the environmental problems their regions faced, helped by writing many artticles about our campaign. After one year, we completed activities in 131 areas, and we plan to continue next year as well.


Name Company Position
Takayuki Tobikawa Dentsu Inc. Account Executive
Shinji Takada Dentsu Inc. Account Executive
Tetsuya Sakurai Dentsu Inc. Account Director
Hitoshi Hamaguchi Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Mizuho Hiruta Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Takuya Isojima Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Akihiro Negishi Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Takayuki Nakajima Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Noriaki Onoe Dentsu Inc. Planner
Kenta Nakagawa Dentsu Inc. Planner
Masahiko Okabe Dentsu Inc. Planner
Takuya Fujita Dentsu Inc. Promotion Planner
Go Kashina Dentsu Inc. Promotion Director
Shinichiro Fujimoto Dentsu Inc. Producer
Ryo Komoto Dentsu Inc. Producer
Yusaku Moriuchi Dentsu Inc. Producer
Kazuhiro Shimura Dentsu Inc. Strategist
Ikuko Kaneda Dentsu Inc. Strategist
Yosuke Mamiya Dentsu Inc. Strategist
Yuki Kishi Dentsu Inc. Creative Director